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To edit text online use our online text editor to edit plain text.


The process of writing manually on paper has been replaced by the use for word processor software over time. Many people are engaged in writing assignments across various fields. They must prepare and edit documents using programs such as MS Word, WordPad, and others. The problem that users confront with these software is that they're not available with a free trial. They require installation onto your gadget, as well as it must be compatible enough to run them efficiently.

Thanks to the advancements in technology individuals are making their way towards an online environment. Text editors online are component of the new technology which makes it much easier for users to edit their text files with any difficulty. The online tool for editing text available on SoftSEOTools can be described as a full tool that comes with the latest tools for editing text. It is possible to modify any text file within only a few minutes.

HOW CAN YOU Utilize Our Online Text Editor?

The editor we have on our site is a simple tool for online text editing which doesn't force its users to go through or follow complicated procedures to edit texts. It isn't necessary to master the features of editing that are available by this program since they're similar to features you've already utilized in text editor programs such as MS Word. The basic steps to follow when using this online text editor are listed below.

  1. Copy-paste your text into the text box on this tool, or transfer the file using a browser and browsing it on your device. You can also upload the saved file on Google Drive or Dropbox directly via this tool.
  2. Utilize the editing toolkit in order to modify the file to meet your needs.
  3. After you've completed your editing, you will be able to save the edited document to your device by making a single click of this tool.


Our team of developers has worked tirelessly to create this powerful text editor tool to make editing effortless for anyone. The tool is built on advanced algorithms that let you edit your documents without having to face any problems. Users aren't required to sign up for the online editor. It is not necessary to sign up or log in. You don't have to think about how to locate a specific device accessing this online application since it functions flawlessly on all operating systems, which includes iOS, Android, Mac, Windows, and Linux. Access to the online service for free without spending any money. The site or tool does not require users to purchase an upgrade to a premium membership in order to use this online editpad.


We've incorporated top-quality features into this application to create the most effective text editor that you can locate on the internet. Let's talk about some of the most prominent features that you can avail using the online editor.

Text Editing Toolbar

Users can make modifications to their documents based on text using the editing toolbar that is available by this tool. It comes with a variety of features including redo, undo lines, number of lines, printing margins as well as font size and numerous others.

Simple to Use:

There is no technical aspect in the use of this application. You can begin making use of the text editor service in the comfort of your mobile device as soon when you have access to this tool.

Speedy and Error-Free Editing

It is a lightning-fast tool that allows you to edit any document within several minutes. It offers users an unerroneous editing tool and allows them to download the edited file to their device in just one click.

Make sure you check for grammar mistakes:

It is possible to check for grammar errors of the text using this tool. It is not necessary to examine for grammar errors in your document using another grammar checker tool because this site provides top-quality services for free.

Verify for plagiarism:

The tiniest hint of plagiarism could end your efforts. Therefore, it is always recommended to test for plagiarism before you submit any document that contains text. When you click"check for plagiarism you can have your document checked for plagiarism in just a couple of minutes.

The Preview Text and the Print Version

The tool lets users to view the edited document in full-screen view by just a single click. You can preview the edited portions of your document as well as print it by using the online editor.

Multiple Document Options for Saving:

After editing the document, you are able to save the document on your device using a variety of formats. The program lets you save the document in the form of the format of a PDF as well as a Word document with just a single click.


The use of the WordPad Online tool shouldn't be restricted to a certain population. The most frequent users of this text editor are outlined below.


Bloggers are able to create and edit blogs using this online service. Features like the line number, font sizes as well as text styles, margins and alignment could aid in the formatting of blogs in mere minutes.


This editor for plain texts lets teachers to create notes, exams papers, as well as other resources for students without having to download any software.


This tool is ideal for students since they are able to easily create assignments and edit their essays according to what the instructions of their teachers. The process is able to be completed on mobile devices, as well as laptops and desktops because of its compatibility with all sorts of devices.

Social Media Experts

Social media experts are able to modify the content using this tool and upload it to their social media profiles without any difficulties.


The best text editor could be a great help to researchers since they can effortlessly edit their research and report from anywhere on the world.


In lieu of Notepad developers could make use of this tool to create web pages. This tool lets them modify their HTML code at any time of the day.


The primary concern for a majority of users before making use of any web-based tool, is whether the documents will remain private or not. The SoftSEOTools guarantees customers that the information will be safe and secure once it's stored in the tools it offers. Its servers software don't save any text files that are uploaded by its users. If you decide to store the files onto your device, the program won't save its copy. The file will be removed from servers when the user has finished editing and saved it.