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To use this plagiarism checker, please copy and paste your content in the box below, and then click on the big blue button that says “Check Plagiarism!” then sit back and watch as your article is scanned for duplicated content.

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Plagiarism Checker


A list of the most important features:

1. Billions of pages on the internet

The tool is able to examine plagiarism by comparing your content to billions of pages across the Internet. After you submit your material it will check it against any available web-based content within a matter of minutes which makes it the most sophisticated and speediest plagiarism scanner you'll encounter in your life.

2. Rewriting feature that is automatic

It offers the option of automatically revising the text you use on it with just one click. If the content you write is plagiarized content it is all you need to do is select the rewrite button and you'll be directed to the auto- parsing program which will ensure that the content will be updated instantly. This is a built-in feature that is available within the program and is completely free.

3. Multiple document formats

Our similarity checker lets you to upload various formats of documents, including .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt and .pdf. This means that it does need to be what format your document is in so long that it is digital the tool will take care of the rest .

4. Integration of URLs

Utilizing this free online plagiarism tool it is not just you capable to upload various types of documents, but you can also examine plagiarism using a URL on a website. Enter the URL of the website and then click"Check " Check Plagiarism" button and you're ready to go.

5. Option for reporting

Our anti-plagiarism software includes a report option that permits you to save a report on the search for plagiarism you conduct. This means that you are now armed with some type of proof to send to to those responsible and a report to keep. Awesome!

6. Sharing option

Do you have a way of to share the report on plagiarism you've generated? Would you like to have that option right inside the tool? We've got you covered!

7. Multiple languages

This feature lets you to examine plagiarism in documents written in other languages that English. Therefore, if your document is written in russkii Ri Ben Yu , italiano or french, Portugues, Espanol, Deutsche, Zhong Wen , our tool will be able to speak your language.

8. Cloud compatibility

Are you in the cloud? Our authenticity checker is equipped to examine content that is stored in the cloud, such as Google Drive and Dropbox. Choose which cloud storage service you want to use for your data in the cloud and choose the document you would like to test Our copyright checker will take care of the rest.

9. Local storage

If the content is more local, residing in a document on your personal computer, you could download it directly from your local storage.

10. Percentage gauges

After you've uploaded your document and clicked to examine it for plagiarism Our duplication checker will tell you in percentages the amount of plagiarism and original content in the document. For instance, it'll inform you the fact that 80 percent in the text is original while 18 percent is copied from other sources.

11. A sentence-wise list of results

This tool does not stop there, providing you the percentages of original and plagiarized content. It also shows you, in a list format for easy detection, both plagiarized (if any) and unique areas of the content piece, sentence-by-sentence. Plagiarized sentences will be highlighted in red, while the original ones are displayed in green to make it easier for you to identify them.

12. Highlighted document view

By a single mouse click you are able to view the results by launching a document view, in which the entire contents is presented in a single document. The copied content is marked in red.

13. Ability to see matched results

Within the program, you can view the external content that is matched to the red sentence in the document. In addition your URL for the webpage is included for a quick and easy inspection of the text.

14. One-click comparison feature

When the results are out, you can click on the "Compare" button next to every line that is red (plagiarized) area to take a trip to Google and then compare this particular piece of content with similar ones already posted on the internet. This is great for determining the source of the content that is getting its content.


It doesn't matter if you recognize it or you don't it's true that plagiarism does have an effect on you in the same way. No matter if you're the one who wrote the content or someone who is consuming the content. It's a problem that is a problem that affects everyone.

As a content creator (writer, author, researcher, student, freelancer, blogger, social media manager, etc. It's not a secret that you must be checking regularly to ensure that no one is copying your content without authorization or even providing you credit.

But over that you must to always check your work with a software that detects plagiarism prior to publishing or submitting it to make sure you are certain that your content does not contain any plagiarism.

Why? because the act of plagiarism is an academic deceit, a breach of journalistic ethics, and most importantly, a publishing crime.

In this way, you don't want to become a into the trap of being a victim. If your work includes plagiarized content, either intentionally or in error, you stand to face serious penalties that include:

  • Legal actions
  • Fines and monetary restitution
  • A damaged reputation

This is not even to discuss other consequences, such as SEO penalty for content duplicates, diminished rankings, decreased trust, academic sanctions, and much more.

On the other side of the spectrum when you are a user or content consumer (reader or professor who reviews student work as well as a clients of freelance writers or freelance writers, etc. ), it is equally vital to examine for plagiarism prior to making a decision or accepting any piece of content you encounter or submit to you.

That is why we have created our Plagiarism Checker through Soft SEO Tools.

This tool is specially developed to assist you quickly and efficiently find plagiarism in any text-based material.

It is widely used and relied upon by millions of users across the globe and is able to boast that it is the most advanced and feature-rich, user-friendly content checking tool available.

However, we have chose to make it completely free.


Do you want to check out all the capabilities for yourself? Begin using the tool now. It is absolutely free.

This top-quality online tool is very simple to use reliable, and offers amazingly precise results. It is ideal for checking for plagiarism, regardless of whether your content is an academic piece such as a blog post, ebook or news article or term paper or landing page content. webpage information, content for social media, posts or email newsletters and many more.

The software was developed by our in-house team of highly skilled developers The Plagiarism Checker delivers results super quick. Indeed, you can expect results within 0.83 seconds with 1,000 search terms.

We respect privacy of the user therefore we do not save your content to our system. When the software is finished running the plagiarism test of your material, it automatically deletes it immediately from our database.

Visit to the Plagiarism Checker page to know how to use the program, and find out how to utilize it.

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