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Article Rewriter

This is a no-cost, automatic article rewriter which will change any text to usable text. To use this article rewriter Copy and paste your text to the form below then click the button 'Re-Write Article'.

About Article Rewriter

If you are a blogger, writer or online content creator, then you should know about article rewriter tool because it can help you to avoid plagiarism issues and improve your SEO performance.

In this article, we are going to share best article spinner/rewriter tool available in the market.This tool will help you rewrite your articles within minutes. The only thing you need is to copy-paste the text in the spinner tool and it will take care of rest of the work.


If you've tried to produce regular content perhaps for your newsletter or blog You may be aware of how challenging it can be to write high-quality content frequently. It's typically time-consuming and labor-intensive and requires a high level of expertise as well as a solid grasp of English language.

Article Rewriter

But, content is important if your company is going to be successful.

Of of course writing your content in a handwritten manner, sentence-by-sentence, is the best method to guarantee high-quality and non-plagiarized work However, this isn't always simple, particularly if you need to produce high-quality outcomes.

One option to address this is to engage a professional freelance writer help with your writing needs. However hiring a professional writer isn't expensive even.

What should you do? A much less expensive and faster option is to utilize an online Rephrase tool.

What is an Article Rewriter and How Does it work?

This software (also called Text Spinner or Paraphrase Online) is an example of automated software that is used to rewrite texts (such as blog posts) in a way that the main message and the meaning of the original text remain the same, even though the words are altered significantly.

It works by taking in and comprehending the content you input and later rewriting it to create another, more accessible version of the content spun.

It is widely employed by content creators, bloggers, website administrators and marketing agencies to try to duplicate the popularity of content while looking original.

As such, "content spinning" refers to the process of writing an article keeping the above described purpose in mind.


There are many advantages using an article tool for rewriting. Here are a few:

  1. It's a time-saver that's great: It can take several hours or days to create the content that can be read by humans. However, with an online rephrase tool you can write a new article in a matter of minutes.
  2. It boosts efficiency: You can make many articles in a short period of time and increase the efficiency of your business.
  3. It gives you content at any time you need it The online rephraser tool is an "always-on-duty" content creator providing you with lots of content at any time you need it.
  4. It helps you perform SEO better: You will be able to conduct more effective SEO (search engine optimization) (SEO) and make your campaigns more efficient by using the content created by a online tool that paraphrases.
  5. It enhances your capabilities If you feel that your English writing or language skills aren't up to scratch You can use an instrument for spinning articles or a sentence editor as a resource.


If you've read the paragraphs above, you'll have a better understanding of what a sentence writer can do, and how it functions and the reasons you should make use of one.

However, with the market filled with spinners Which tool for rewriting paragraphs is the best one to choose?

You don't need to search any further since Soft SEO Tools has got your back.

Sentence Rewriter developed by Soft SEO Tools is a trusted Paraphrase tool that you can be confident in. It was designed to provide the highest performance and includes thousands of synonyms that are well-matched (over 700,000 synonyms were added in recent times to enhance the quality of the results).

This allows you to spin top quality read-friendly content in no time.

We're not talking about spending your time trying to manually edit spintax, but instead a situation in which you retain your authority but spintax does the work in a reliable manner.


There are many reasons to utilize this Sentence spinner.

  • This tool from Soft SEO Tools is built for ease of use. It's actually the most basic paraphrasing tool that you'll find. It doesn't require a number of inputs to utilize it, other than writing text. Actually, it doesn't need to sign up to use it.
  • It is not necessary to have any prior experience to utilize this tool for paraphrasing. Because it's incredibly simple and easy to use, anyone with some technological knowledge can utilize it without difficulty.
  • A few article spinners require you to input your text using correctly formatted syntax in order to get the final result. To format your syntax, you'll generally require another program. However, the Article Rewriter by Soft SEO Tools doesn't require the use of another tool. Instead it takes care of it all for you starting with taking into account the context of each phrase to creating textual content that's as clear and meaningful as the text you initially entered.
  • The free tool to change articles can be an essential tool for anyone looking to promote their site or product as fast and efficiently as is possible. you can quickly make all the original, high-quality textual content you'll ever need to increase your visibility on the internet.
  • This online tool for free spins and paraphrases will give you reliable results in terms of the human readership as well as exposure to search engines. That means that with our text rewriting tool you'll be able to continuously keep updating your blog as well as social media sites and your website with new content. Be aware that we are do not mean content that could get you disqualified from Google as well as content which appears like gibberish written by machines. It is, however, an automatically generated high-quality , quality content that readers and Google actually love.
  • The tool we use does not spew output of syntax-formatted results and it does not need you to input syntax to make new content. All you have to do is type in the text that is readable by humans and you'll receive text that is human-readable. Simple, right?


Utilizing our tool for rewriting articles is fairly simple. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Step #1: Go to https://www.softseotools.com/article-rewriter

Step 2: On the box you will be given, copy and paste your information. You can also choose the possibility of uploading documents with .doc, .docx, and .txt formats and uploading directly from Google Drive as well as Dropbox.

Step 3: Click on the "Re-write Article" button to run it. It'll take just a few minutes to produce synonyms and suggestions in accordance with the words of the content you've pasted.

Step 4: After the engine spins the article, it'll display the edits suggested in bold and color text.

Step 5: If you're happy with the end outcome, click "Next" to reduce it to a flat surface. If not, select "Rephrase Again" to spin another version of the text using an entirely different number of synonyms.

Note: The way that the article rewriter operates is to search your article for words that could be substituted by the same synonym. The words it replaces with a different option are highlighted with bright and vibrant text. Click on any word you like for a reversion in the direction of its origin, or search for additional words that are suggested or create your own personal word.

We suggest that you read the text produced by this sentence converter to determine if there are issues to be corrected prior to putting it into use.

How to make the best use of the word spinner.

Here are some suggestions to assist you in making the most effective use of this article spinner, particularly for SEO purposes:

  • Start by writing a good article. This is a topic that is unique or perspective on a particular subject. The content must be useful to the user. At the moment it's not possible for any software to create articles that are appealing to the eyes. If you begin with a poor-quality piece there is a good chance that the alternative versions will be more mediocre.
  • Take a look at the revised piece of writing yourself. Does it seem to make sense? You might come across a number of suggested terms that don't make sense in the context. If you don't think it seem to be a good read, click "Rephrase again" for a different version. If you find that no of the alternative words are appropriate, you can change the word you used to get new ideas.
  • We suggest running your result -- after you're happy with the results, by using the Plagiarism Checker tool to ensure it's unique enough that it passes the tests of plagiarism utilized by search engines prior to deciding whether you want to put it online.
  • To ensure that you do not spam to avoid spamming, we don't suggest using this tool to make different versions of the same article. Not only will this be punished through search engines but it also provides no worth to the people you want to reach also.

Need assistance with other tools for content? Check out our no-cost Word Counter and Grammar Checker.

How Can I Rewrite An Article For Free?

If you are looking for a way to make money online, it is important that you start with rewriting existing content. There are many ways to do this that can give you a lot of value and help your online business grow in the long term.

Here are some ways to rewrite other people’s work for free:

1. Rewrite articles from other blogs. You can find thousands of sites in niche areas that accept guest contributions. These sites often have really high-quality content, but it may not be their core focus or they might not have the time to create new content as often as they’d like. Find a site you like, and then send them an email with your rewritten article attached.

2. Rewrite content from sites like Upwork or Fiverr. If you don’t mind doing some copywriting for $5 per page, you can get started on sites like these in just a few minutes. They have high-quality articles written by professionals in all niches. All you have to do is find a way to rewrite them for your audience.

These are just a few ways that you can generate income from home, but it’s important to note that the internet and digital marketing is evolving quickly. The best way to make money online now might not be the same as the best way to make money online five years from now. So if you want to ensure you’re well-positioned for the future.

How do you rewrite an article without plagiarising?

Rewriting an article is not plagiarism if the content you are rewriting is your own. Plagiarism occurs when you take someone else's content and pass it off as your own without giving credit to that person.You can rewrite an article by changing the structure of it, but you can also rewrite an article by changing just a few words in it. If you do that, make sure to give credit to the original source that provided the information or quote in your rewritten article. Rewriting an article is a very useful technique to get backlinks, create contents for your website, and also to make your website look more credible.

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