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If you'd like to know the SEO score of your website or the site of your competitors. Enter the domain's name, or URL into the field , and then select "Check the SEO Score". The results will be available within a matter of minutes!


To ensure the most recent and effective practice in the field We keep a close check on Google's ranking guidelines as and those of the other major search engines such as Bing as well as Yahoo!. This is why the tool is regularly updated when the Google Site score checking algorithm is modified and made available to the accessible to the public.

Created to give precise, useful and reliable results, anybody can utilize this tool for free to receive their website's SEO report.

The tool can do more than just check website SEO scores. It provides a comprehensive and thorough review of a site's SEO performance and SEO data with regard to all aspects in just a single click.

To fully grasp the scope about this issue, we'll look at the more obvious characteristics.


How do you manage your SEO? Are you driven by data or are doing it unknowingly and not paying pay attention to the figures?

It's the 21st century , and should you want the Search Engine Optimization game to be at its highest level You need to know the SEO information and make use of it to boost your ranking.

As webmasters, it is your responsibility to run what's known as "website SEO score test" for your website to determine this data.

The score of your website is measurement of the extent to which your website is optimized for ranking in search results webpages (SERPs).

Once you've got this information, you'll more likely be in a position to:

  • Check out the state of your website's SEO at a general scale
  • Examine the SEO issues that are affecting your site and correct them.
  • Check out what's working, and what's not.
  • Find out what needs to be changed, removed or enhanced.

To check your website's SEO score? You require an effective SEO test tool. This is precisely what we've built to help you.

WEBSITE SEO CHECKER from Soft SEO Tools is your best option for determining the SEO metrics for your website as well as its state of affairs.


Anyone who runs and owns an online site has either utilized SEO tools or been aware of them, but not yet implemented them on the website. SEO is the most frequently used abbreviation used to describe SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Before we talk about SEO we must understand the way Google analyzes websites. Google is by far the most well-known and widely used search engine currently. Google regularly examines a website and then ranks it.

It is a Google website crawler is a web-based application that visits websites and analyzes the content. and saves pertinent information about websites in its database, and gives it a score.


Before we begin to discuss the incredible capabilities of this incredible SEO tool, make sure to remember that all the options and display that we will discuss below will be displayed by just one click after you've input your website's URL. Absolutely amazing, right? !

Let's talk about the details:

SEO Score The SEO Score tool is used to check the SEO score of websites, and it displays the score for SEO of the website you are visiting. It's usually the first display you'll find in the result section following a search. It's true that the "Website ranking report" is where the majority of "Website checkers" available stop. However, Site Checker from Soft SEO Tools is waaaayy more effective than this! Below are features that go beyond what you will see with other software.

SEO test: Still with just one click, our software performs a short SEO test for your site and displays the amount of tests your website has passed, as well as warnings and errors that have been discovered. In the initial section the tool will show users what's known as the "Status" results of your test and provide other information.

SEO Grading as well as certification: This tool isn't simply an SEO site-checker like we've mentioned. It is also a website grader. This means it evaluates your website against the most important metrics such as performance SEO, mobile-ready and security. Based on the grade of your Website SEO will generate both small and large SEO grading certificates to post on your site in any way you want to establish trust with your customers. To display them, you just need to add the code onto your site.

general SEO evaluation: As you keep moving, the process becomes more fascinating. Even with just click, the Web Ranking Checker will present you with several "General SEO" statistics and data. It basically checks and analyzes the SEO components listed below (each one is an enormous data for itself!) and displays the state of each as well as detailed details and suggestions pertaining to your website's content:

  • Page Title
  • Meta Description
  • Meta Keywords
  • Google Search Results Preview
  • Keywords for Density Test
  • Keywords Test
  • Robots.txt Test
  • Sitemap Test
  • Broken Links Test
  • Underscores in Links Test
  • SEO-friendly URL Test
  • Image Alt Test
  • Inline CSS Test
  • Favicon Test
  • HTML Tag Checking is deprecated.
  • Noindex Tag Verifying
  • Nofollow Tag Verifying
  • Domain Authority Checking
  • Page Authority Checking
  • WWW Redirection Test
  • HTML Page Size Test
  • HTML Compression/GZIP Test

Screenshots Website Score Checker will take and show you the mobile and desktop images of your site for optimizing your website's design to achieve better results.

Keywords Analysis: The tool provides a comprehensive analysis of the key keywords you will use across your website. It analyzes keywords from one word to four-word keywords, along with their stats.

Social Statistics: You also get to view a list of all social signals that are connected to your site, which includes the number of shares that your site has earned on all major social media platforms since the first day.

server and security Test: Google takes security very seriously. This free internet-based SEO score tool checks several elements on your server to determine how secure your site. They include:

  • HTTPS Test
  • Test Signatures of Servers
  • Secure Browsing Test
  • Directory Browsing Test
  • Plaintext Emails Test

Advanced SEO You thought that the reports our tool generates are mind-blowing but wait until you see this website ranking Checker goes to a whole new level by showing advanced SEO reports that you can be confident about. They include reports on loading time for pages, dimensions of the page, more.

Imagine receiving all of these reports in a single click with expert suggestions on what you can do with each report to help move your site's SEO in the direction of better ranking. This is exactly what you get when you download Website Score Checker absolutely nothing.

These elements did not randomly selected. These are the very important tests performed by Google as well as other engines conduct on all websites. This means that with us, you're in good in our hands.

There is no other tool for analyzing websites that is as comprehensive across the Internet. It is among the easiest to utilize.


The way the tool operates is that you type the URL of a website in the field provided and hit"Check SEO. "Check SEO" button to initiate an inquiry.

In a matter of seconds in a matter of seconds, all the reports (and additional reports) mentioned above in"Features" will be available to you "Features" Section will then be available at no cost.

The information presented is helpful in understanding what are the SEO advantages and disadvantages of your site. If you recognize the weak points and weaknesses, you can concentrate on improving them until your site starts to be more prominent in search results.

After you've addressed the issues and adjusted your site accordingly after which you're able to run the test to check the new state of your website. Repeat this process until are certain that all issues are addressed and you're happy with the results.

In the final results, our software automatically displays your website's SEO score and its certificate as well as HTML code that you could paste onto the reverse of your site to show the certificate.

This helps build trust between you and your target audience.

You can also utilize this tool to assess other websites, such as those of your customers or competitors.

It is also helpful to look over an SEO site checker for the top-ranked websites such as Amazon, Wikipedia, etc. for an understanding of the strategies they employ to get their sites to rank highly.

If you now have access to a trustworthy and comprehensive SEO Site Check tool and are aware of how to utilize it and the purpose for which it is used just proceed to utilize it. Keep in mind that it's simply as simple as entering your website's URL, and then giving it just one simple click or tap, and the tool will perform the rest.

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