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Temperature Converter - Convert 1 Celsius to Kelvin

To make use of to convert temperature, enter the number you'd like for conversion to different units of temperature such as Celsius, Fahrenheit or Kelvin and Fahrenheit in the "From" field, and select the unit you would like to switch into from to in the "To" field. The result will be displayed in the following box immediately.

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1  Degrees Celsius ('C) = 1  Degrees Celsius ('C)

Convert 1 Celsius to Kelvin:


Looking to convert 1 degrees Celsius to Kelvin? This user-friendly calculator will help. Simply input the Celsius temperature, and it will provide the Kelvin equivalent.

How Many Kelvin is 1 Celsius?

The formula to convert Celsius to Kelvin is adding 273.15 to the Celsius value. For 1 degrees Celsius:

1 °C + 273.15 = 274.15 K

According to this formula, 1 degrees Celsius is equivalent to approximately 274.15 Kelvin.

1 Celsius in Kelvin

With this calculation, we find that 1 degrees Celsius is about 274.15 Kelvin. This conversion is fundamental in scientific fields, particularly in physics and chemistry.

Additional Temperature Conversions

Let's explore how 1 degrees Celsius translates into other temperature scales:

  • 1 Celsius in Kelvin = 274.15 K
  • 1 Celsius in Fahrenheit = 525.47 °F

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do you convert 1 Celsius to Kelvin?
    Add 273.15 to the Celsius temperature.
  2. What is 1 degrees Celsius in Kelvin?
    1 degrees Celsius is approximately 274.15 Kelvin.
  3. Why convert Celsius to Kelvin?
    Kelvin is a key temperature scale in scientific research, making this conversion crucial for accurate data analysis and reporting.
  4. Can I convert Celsius to other temperature units?
    Yes, Celsius can also be converted to Fahrenheit for broader applications.


Converting 1 degrees Celsius to Kelvin is straightforward with this guide. Whether for academic studies, laboratory work, or general knowledge, this conversion is essential in the scientific community. Bookmark this page for future reference, and explore our website for more useful conversion tools.

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