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To find out the keyword's rank for a keyword in Google ranking, try our no-cost Keyword Position Checker. Enter your domain's name and keywords, and search engine, and then press the blue 'Check Position button.

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In order to compete effectively to be the top of the line in results pages of search engines (SERPs) You must be able to operate using a data-driven approach and not conduct optimizing your site blindly.

The most important information to be aware of is your website's position on SERPs when it comes to the terms you're targeting.

To find out you'll require an instrument to check the Keyword Position.


Keyword Position Checker is a program designed to find the position of a URL within the search engine (particularly, Google) for the keyword specified as its competition with other websites in the similar keyword.

For instance, if , for example, you manage a site that is focused on smartphones, you might need to know the position this website is currently occupying for Google for the term "best phones."

Our tool to rank keywords shows you this information completely absolutely free. It is not only easy to use and quick to learn It is also efficient and reliable.


In a simple, straight-to-the-point definition, a keyword is the position or rank an internet site holds in search engines with respect to other websites competing for a specific keyword.

The goal of every marketer or owner of a website who is SEO-savvy is to secure and hold the most sought-after top 3 positions in SERPs. To achieve this, it is essential to be aware of who's in the top position. This way you'll be able create an efficient SEO strategy to achieve your objectives.

It could take a while but, with a minimum of effort, each step is a sign that you're doing things right. The key is to begin working on it as soon as you can.

What's the first step to do? Determine your rank. This is why we've made the keyword position Checker accessible to you.

HOW TO USE KEYWORD'S Position Checker by Soft SEO TOOLS

This tool is back to the basics.

It's not necessary the expertise of an in SEO, nor do you need expertise in the field to utilize it.

Below are the simplest five steps you'll have to adhere to:

Step #1: On this page ( where you are right now, scroll up to the spaces provided for entering your data.

Step 2: Enter your URL (or the URL of your competition) in the "Your domain" space. This is the domain which you wish to verify.

Step 3: Select the Google search engine that you would like to verify the rank. The default is However, you can choose another Google TLD (top-level domain) depending on the target country.

Step 4: Enter the keywords to determine which positions you would like to verify in the "Your Keywords" space. Our rank checker online allows you to enter up to 20 keywords in one test. Be sure to only enter one keyword per line.

Step 5: Once you're done you can click "Check position" to run your test.

In a matter of minutes, our well-designed sophisticated algorithm will provide the results, which typically appear like this:

The above image illustrates as the #1 site for the word "keyword place."

If you are able to get the desired result you'll be able to better understand the competitors for your keywords as well as the best way to achieve your goals.


It's an instrument for ranking search engines and it scans results from search engines for the phrase or keyword you typed in to determine the place that the website is in for the search terms.

If it is displaying "1" on the search results this means that the website that you have entered is currently at top spot page of Google for the country selected. If it shows "100," it means that it is ranked at 100. Do you get the idea?

If you're unhappy with your site's ranking in SERPs, check out the SEO blogs for the most effective ideas and the most recent updates about how to rank higher with Google or other major search engines.

However, generally speaking, you'd like to take the following steps:

  • We regularly publish quality content regularly.
  • Quality backlinks to build
  • Do keyword research
  • Make sure you regularly conduct SEO audits of your website
  • Make sure your content is optimized to be optimized for RankBrain (because this is the 3rd most crucial Google rank signal).
  • This and much more.

You may also make use of our various SEO tools that are free such as Keywords Suggestions Tool backlink maker along with Keyword Suggestion Tool.

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