XML Beautifier

Try XML code beautifier to gives your code proper indentation level. Make your minified XML code more readable.


It is essential for developers to ensure that their XML file understandable by other colleagues , so they are able to understand it. So the process of improving XML must be carried out by the developers, however it is not without challenges. When making improvements to XML developers need to concentrate on adding indentation without altering the precision of the code. This is a time-consuming job for them. So, SoftSEOTools has created solutions for people who wish to enhance XML files without trouble. The XML beautifier was designed by our expert developers to make beautifying XML files easy for all.


Technology has proven itself superior to conventional methods used to handle a range of tasks. Let's look at the XML beautifier program against the manual method for beautifying XML files.

Save Time:

Using the manual method to enhance XML will take you a lot of time since you'll need to carry out the entire process of indentation by yourself. However, using the XML prettify software will only take a few seconds and provide you with a prettified XML file.


The XML beautifier for code will give you 100 percent accurate results without any modifications in your program. In contrast, when using your manual approach, you need to ensure the accuracy of your code isn't compromised in the process of beautifying.


If you're just beginning or novice, you may need to get help from a professional to learn how to enhance XML documents manually. There is no need to master the basics when it comes to improving the appearance of XML files.


This online XML beautifier that is available on SoftSEOTools is a simple to make tool that doesn't require users navigate through any complicated technicalities or complexities. The user-friendly interface of this online utility lets users beautify XML files with just only a few clicks. Follow the easy guideline below to create beautiful XML files using this XML beautifier of code.

  • When you access this program, you'll see a box in which you can copy the XML code, or click the upload function to navigate and then open your XML file.
  • After you have uploaded the file, you need to click the Beautify XML button.
  • For instance the beautiful XML file will appear upon your monitor. The user has the choice of either copying the code, or downloading it to their device.


Its XML beautifier tool on the internet permits its users to improve XML files while on the move. Users will not be required to undergo the registration procedure. There's no requirement to register or sign in to access this service. There is no cost associated when using the online tool. If you are looking to enhance one XML code or multiple files, the program doesn't limit you nor charge you one cent. The XML prettify utility is accessible from anywhere on the world at any point throughout the entire day. Because it's a web-based application users are able to utilize it on their desktops and on phones.


This XML beauty tool for code can be used for a variety of purposes. The most effective uses for this XML beauty tool can be described:


In some instances, many people could be working on the same XML document. The tool application is a great tool to do uniform beautification throughout the document. This allows the users to quickly scan and comprehend how to read the XML code.

Readability of XML Code:

The reduced XML code is transformed into a beautiful and clear one by this XML enhancement, your code will become more accessible to all. And if you'd like to add a specific indentation to your code, use the the online XML Formatter

Editing Becomes Easy:

You may need make modifications to your XML file multiple times. If you don't want spend time figuring out the code lines that are obscure, you'll find this XML beautifier will do all you require to beautify an XML file in just a few seconds.