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The (Body mass index) BMI calculator helps you determine your body's fat percentage by calculating your height and weight for females and males. Find out if you're healthy overweight, overweight, or in the middle. This also assists you in determining your child's BMI.

Age (2-20 years):


The method of calculating the person's corpulence or leanness according to weight and height is known as the body mass index. The BMI can also be defined as the amount that a person's tissue has. The main reason for calculating the BMI of an individual is to determine whether or not the person is able to maintain a healthy body weight for their height.


BMI calculator assess whether a person is overweight, underweight healthy weight, overweight, or overweight. Age, location and height are important aspects to be considered when calculating the BMI. The calculation of your BMI will aid you in determining your state of your health and allow you to take the necessary actions promptly.

It's an advanced , web-based tool which eliminates any manual effort and gives instant results.

BMI Formula in Kilograms and meters =

(kg) (kg)[Height (m)Height (m) 2

In the system of metric the formula for BMI includes weight divided in kilograms and height measured in metres.

BMI Formula expressed in Pounds as well as Inches =

The weight (lbs)[Height (in)Height (in) 2 x 703

Weight in pounds divided by height in inches squared and then multiply it by a conversion coefficient of 703 to calculate BMI.


Find out your BMI right away using the simple and simple instructions provided below.

  • Use to this web-based BMI calculator when you arrive at SoftSEOTools.COM
  • Enter your age, weight and height in the appropriate fields.
  • After you've entered all the inputs After entering all the inputs, click the Calculate button to begin the process.

This BMI calculator will analyze your request and give you accurate Body mass index (BMI) results in relation to the input.


The table below is the world health organisation's recommended weight for adults. It can be used by both genders if you are 18 or more.

Category BMI range - - kg/m2
Extreme Thinness < 16
Moderate Thinness 16 - 17
Mild Thinness 17 - 18.5
Normal 18.5 - 25
Overweight 25 - 30
Obese Class I 30 - 35
Obese Class II 35 - 40
Obese Class III > 40


For teenagers and children between the ages of 2 and 18 The centre for disease prevention and control has suggested the BMI table that is listed below.

Category Percentile Variation
Underweight < 5%
Healthy weight 5% - 85%
At risk of becoming overweight 85% - 95%
Overweight > 95%


The BMI is broken down into four categories based on the individual's height weight, age, and height. We've elaborated on the BMI sections below in order to assist you comprehend the information gathered by the BMI calculator in a way that is efficient.


If you discover that you're underweight when you have the results from the BMI calculator, it is a sign that you're not eating enough food and you require to eat a healthy diet. Perhaps you're suffering from illness.

Healthy Weight

People who discover that they're healthy need to adhere to the regimen and diet. It is also recommended to keep up their exercise routine to keep their weight in check. It is also recommended to regularly measure your BMI using our no-cost online tool to make sure you're not overweight.


The overweight should be mindful of their eating habits and routine. If you discover that you're overweight using the BMI calculator, you must to examine your food choices and your diet and work out more hours in order to reduce your weight. You can also protect your body from various illnesses.


Obesity is a serious disease that can trigger a variety of diseases within your body. Therefore, it is of vital importance to increase your exercise regimen and eat an healthy diet. Additionally, you may follow your doctor's prescription.



People who are overweight are more prone to serious diseases and health problems. The risks mentioned and the serious health issues that be a burden on people who are overweight are the following:

  1. Extremely high blood pressure (BP)
  2. In excess, bad cholesterol or low levels HDL (good cholesterol).
  3. Diabetes
  4. Heart Issues
  5. Brain Strokes
  6. Gallbladder disease
  7. Breathing Problems
  8. Cancer
  9. Disturb Sleep
  10. Joint Conditions
  11. Mental illness, severe headache and depression
  12. Body Pain
  13. Greater risk of dying

The information provided may have helped you understand the negative, and some negative outcomes that could occur from being overweight. Thus, one has to keep BMI at or below 25 kg/m2. If you have a higher BMI than that, you should consult with a physician and modify your diet and lifestyle in accordance with the recommendations.


In the same way, overweight individuals could have different challenges and the risks discussed below.

  • Vitamin deficiencies, Anemia
  • Weak bones
  • Immune function is disturbed.
  • Growth Issues
  • Reproductive problems (particularly for women due to hormone imbalance)
  • Unexpected complications that result from the process of surgery

If you've discovered by your BMI test that you're underweight it is important to consult your physician, especially in case you aren't sure of the cause to stay clear of any diseases or conditions that may be underlying.


Absolutely, BMI is an effective method to measure healthy body fat However, it comes with several limitations. It is essential to recognize that BMI is just a measure that does not include the body's composition. There are many different body types that differ in the distribution of fat and muscle mass. The best method to obtain reliable and precise results is to take different measurements instead of using this as the sole method.

For adults

The main problem that is a problem with using the BMI technique is the fact that it's an estimation of body mass rather than fats in the body. The main components that affect BMI include age and weight, height, and so on. There is a chance that someone has a healthy weight but is not physically active in the daily routine. It is clear that there's a strong likelihood that the person is carrying an excess amount of body fat that can make him unhealthy. Also, athletes are thought of as overweight if they possess muscles larger than fat, however it is possible that they're overweight as a result due to their physique. Also, it has been discovered that women carry more body fat than males. It is important to look up the list of countries based on weight index.

In the case of children

The reasons we've discussed to restrict the use for BMI for adults, as well as its effectiveness for children. We've found that weight and height are the most significant variables for body fat and BMI among young children. But, we can conclude that BMI is an more reliable indicator of body fat in obese children than for overweight ones.


BMI calculators aren't suitable for bodybuilders, athletes pregnant women, small children or any other. The primary reason behind this assertion is that BMI does not distinguish whether your weight will be carried in fat or muscle, because it is primarily based on numbers. For instance, athletes and muscles builders generally have an elevated BMI not because they're overweight, however they do have a higher muscles mass. There is no way to conclude on the basis of BMI results that they're at risk of risk of developing health problems in any way. In the same way, older or younger children may be losing muscles, which is why they may have a lower BMI however it can't be said that they are susceptible to developing illnesses. In addition, pregnant women typically encounter changes in body composition and therefore an adult BMI calculator will not work to be used in this scenario.

Frequently asked questions

How Effective is BMI as a measure of body Fatness?

Body mass index (BMI) determines your body's structure on base of your weight and height. However, the accuracy in the findings as a measure of body fat seems to be more accurate in those with more body fat and BMI. For instance, a person with a higher BMI (38 kg/m2) is predicted to have more body fat. However, it's difficult to determine if it's due to weight or mass. Consult a physician for more accurate and accurate health evaluations is a good idea to check your health.

What is the best BMI for a Woman?

An ideal BMI of women should be in the range of 18.5-24.9. But muscle mass and weight two important factors that should be assessed in a precise manner. Make use of this BMI Calculator for Women to ensure you've got a perfectly measured BMI.

Is BMI Recommendations the same for both genders?

BMI is measured by using standard categories for those who are between 20 and older people. There is no distinction between males and females within these categories.

BMI Weight Status
Below 18.5 Underweight
18.5 - 24.9 Healthy Weight
25.0 - 29.9 Overweight
30.0 and above Obesity

For more details you can consult both genders using the BMI calculator for both genders to determine if they are overweight, healthy, or underweight or obese.

Is a BMI of 20 a Good Thing?

People with a BMI in the range of 18.5 to 24.9 are in an acceptable weight category. If someone is in the lower or above this level it is possible that they are overweight or underweight and needs to pay attention to eating habits and exercises.

Does an BMI that is 25 considered acceptable?

If you have an BMI of 25 or more, you'll be in the category of being overweight. This means that you need to concentrate on your diet and exercise exercises, otherwise your health will be at risk.