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Affixing IP addresses to the geographic location is known as geolocation. To locate the geolocation of an IP the SEO requires an Geo IP Locator tool. There are many reasons for a website owner or SEO looking to discover the location of customers. The geolocation of customers allows a webmaster to know the location of their visitors and also provide additional items or services that match the area of the majority of their customers. It is also possible to secure your website and need to be aware of the location the point where hacking attempts are carried out. If you conduct transactions with your site's financial institution it is important to keep track of the location of customers in order to ensure that you don't fall victim to an financial scam. If you're buying products via the internet, it is essential to know the geographical location that the vendor is located.

It is possible to determine the location for an IP however, it's unlikely that you'll get exactly where the IP user. There are many reasons to do this, for instance, a website that is managed and owned by the government of a German could be located within the United States. Another point to keep at heart is the fact that having .com, .net, .org doesn't mean all of these websites are hosting by the United States. Many countries' internet hosting services host websites with these names.

If you're looking to track the location of users visiting your website and you have the IP addresses of their computers, you are able to identify your Internet Service Provider (ISP) however, it's not likely that you'll determine the location of the user.

The reason is because ISPs have IP addresses they provide to their customers. So when you search for a geographic area using a geo IP locator, it will provide you with the ISPs name and its address. It's the ISPs who have exact details about their customers postal addresses, phone numbers, as well as other information. They are not required and not legally required to share this information with anyone. They are legally bound to protect the privacy of their users.

It's similar in concept to web hosting services. They've got an inventory of IP numbers that they purchased, and sell the numbers to their clients. Yes, certain ISPs will reveal names, emails address and the contact number of the owner of the domain. However, to determine the IP address you must perform reverse DNS. The reverse DNS might not yield accurate results because the results will be based on the DNS configuration.


IP baaed Geolocation is the process of tracing the position of a device connected to the internet at any moment. It could be a PC tablet, laptop, and mobile phones. IP mapping will reveal the city, country, region and longitude/latitude as well as its domain's name. Internet Service Provider.


A high-quality IP geo-locater is dependent on the quality of the database utilized. IP-based geolocation databases are available to be purchased and there are free-to-use databases that are available. So the accuracy is contingent on the specific database utilized.

Some websites claim to offer the accuracy range of 95 to 98 percent for the nation and 50-72 percent accuracy for the city or region. Reasons for this decline in accuracy of cities is that cities are close to each other and may use only one service provider. This makes the accuracy quite high. The accuracy is contingent on the specific database used to determine an IP's geographical location. For instance, the IP address generated by IP2Location, info.io, EurekAPI, DB-IP, or MaxMind might all indicate the correct country, however the city might differ. Different cities that show up in the IP geo-locater result, they may also display different latitude/longitude.

If you are a user, you may want to know where is my IP address.' Don't be shocked when you launch a locate my geolocation software and which will show you the location of your ISP. In reality any database used to determine the geographic location of an IP's address will reveal the name of the provider and the city. However, even in that case the ISP name may be correct however the city could be off by a few miles.

Certain databases offer a method to trace and disclose the email address and name of the IP owner. It is also possible to use the command 'traceroute' from the command prompt on your personal computer. The command will track the path up to an IP address. It will give you an approximate picture of where that IP address is situated.


SoftSEOTools.com offers the Geo IP Locator tool among its free SEO tools.' All you have to do is navigate to SoftSEOTools.com in your browser and then locate it and click on the Geo IP Locator icon. Then, you will be asked to input the number of IP addresses, that you must be aware of, in the box that displays. Press the submit button and it will track the geographical location that the IP addresses are located.

The tool for geo IP can provide a lot of data. The information includes IP address and country code city name, name of the country region names, code for the continent latitude and longitude currency code, even the conversion rate for the local currency in relation to the US dollar.

With this information it is possible to find out which ISP the user is using as well as its details about its location. The ISPs are controlled and controlled by local telecommunication service companies such as landlines, mobile phone service providers and cable companies. Because phone companies have clients and networks they are able to offer ISP services. There are also privately owned companies that also offer internet-related services.

It's a useful instrument for webmasters and SEOs who wish to know the source of their organic traffic coming from. The owners of websites can consider ways to grow their business by promoting to attract more customers from the area or city in which their highest customers are.

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