Currency Converter

1 USA Dollars equals
83.56 Indian Rupees
1 USA Dollars = 83.56 Indian Rupees

Currency rate will be changed over a specified time period!

What is the way this currency converter function?

This currency calculator will tell you what your dollars are worth in different currencies at the actual exchange rate. You can convert all top currencies in a matter of minutes.

Simply input the amount you want to pay into the calculator for currencies above, choose your source currency and destination currency, Our tool converts your money using what's known as the market rate (that's the rate you'll see at Google). Pay money overseas with Wise and we'll convert it to the same rate as you find in the currency calculator.

Currency Converter

How do you convert foreign currencies

Enter your total

Just type in the box how much you would like to change.

Choose your currencies

Select the drop-downs in order to choose the currency you wish to change between.

That's it!

This currency convertor will inform you of the current exchange rate as well as how it has changed over the last day, week or even a month.


How do you change the currency?

The conversion of one currency to another by using the exchange rate that is between those two currencies. For instance the conversion rate of one US dollars to two euros would mean that it converts 1 USD into 2. EUR or two EUR into 1 USD. It's about what each currency can be worth to the other. Use the Convert Currency to determine this.

What causes rates for currency conversion to differ for different businesses?

The banks and other service providers typically have their own, inconvenient exchange rates for conversion to currency. This means you pay more than you have for, then they take the extra.

What currencies can I convert using this converter?

You can convert more than 140 currencies using this Wise tool for currency conversion. US dollar (USD) (USD), euros (EUR) pounds sterling (GPB), Indian rupees (INR), Canadian dollars (CAD), Australian dollars (AUD), Swiss francs (CHF) and Mexican pesos (MXN) are among the most well-known.