Text to Binary

Convert any ASCII Text into Binary numbers. This Text to Binary tool is among the tools that are free offered by SST for text conversion. Simply type in any English text of just one word, character or long string, to convert into binary code.


With SoftSEOTools our text-to-binary converter is the most efficient way to have all of your English words converted into binary numbers (binary numbers of 0 and) which can be read by electronic machines. When Translated by the machine, the text is transformed into an extended number of numbers because the code of 8 bits (one one byte) corresponds to every letter. For instance, the simple letter A is encoded by binary code as one 01000001 byte.


The computer's coding process binary code is used to represent instructions or text to a computer system that it can interpret. You must interact with the device by using the language it recognizes which is performed using Text converters to create binary code. There are plenty of reasons that you could need the use of an English text to binary translator. It has been in use throughout the ages and frequently utilized in computers. When you have transform text to binary numbers that are composed of 1 and 0 you require a reliable conversion from number to letter.


If you require a fast device that can verify what is what is the equivalent of binary numbers to ASCII word, then it will be best to utilize an online binary letter conversion tool. This is easier and can be completed in a relatively short amount of time.

The conversion of English Text to Binary will permit the sending of an encrypted message that anyone could not access and thus protect sensitive information from access by unauthorized persons. The purpose behind ASCII texts is for be used in electronic equipment, which is a standard used for character sets.

Our simple-to-use text converter allows you to convert your letters into binary at no cost and without the burden of irrelevant information or instructions. It's an online tool that doesn't require any installation or technical expertise to use. All you need to do is to input your information and it will be converted into binary codes within just a few minutes.

How To Use Text To Binary Tool

  • Get started by visiting our tool's web page at https://www.softseotools.com/text-to-binary
  • Type in your text in the box shown and upload the text to your file.
  • Click on the "Convert to Binary" button
  • That's it! Your text is displayed immediately in binary. Save it to your clipboard or download as an text file.

Our tool works as a text-to-binary code generator, where words are precisely translated into binary codes, without any mistakes. Manually translating them could produce errors that will alter the final output in the final code. The best solution is to utilize a reliable and effective conversion tool from text files to binary converter. Similar to how a decoder of binary to text may be required to determine what is English text encoded with binary, the software could reverse this process to encode text in plain. Try it out by converting the letters in your name into binary numbers. However, you are not restricted to single-word text. You can also paste the long English string word and convert the entire text file into binary format. Test the Converting Text into Binary now and complete your work easily and with precision.


There is an option to do a manual calculation, it can be carried out. Check out the ASCII(text) tables to Binary below. translate text into binary using the aid of the ASCII table. It's as simple as math. ASCII is pronounced as ask-ee. ASCII is an acronym to mean the American Standard Code for Information Interchange.

Text To Binary Conversion Table

Get the binary numbers of English text from the Text - Binary conversion table.

Text Binary
NUL 00000000
SOH 00000001
STX 00000010
ETX 00000011
EOT 00000100
ENQ 00000101
ACK 00000110
BEL 00000111
BS 00001000
HT 00001001
LF 00001010
VT 00001011
FF 00001100
CR 00001101
SO 00001110
SI 00001111
DLE 00010000
DC1 00010001
DC2 00010010
DC3 00010011
DC4 00010100
NAK 00010101
SYN 00010110
ETB 00010111
CAN 00011000
EM 00011001
SUB 00011010
ESC 00011011
FS 00011100
GS 00011101
RS 00011110
US 00011111
Space 00100000
! 00100001
" 00100010
# 00100011
$ 00100100
% 00100101
& 00100110
' 00100111
( 00101000
) 00101001
* 00101010
+ 00101011
- 00101101
. 00101110
/ 00101111
0 00110000
1 00110001
2 00110010
3 00110011
4 00110100
5 00110101
6 00110110
7 00110111
8 00111000
9 00111001
: 00111010
; 00111011
< 00111100
= 00111101
> 00111110
? 00111111
@ 01000000
A 01000001
B 01000010
C 01000011
D 01000100
E 01000101
F 01000110
G 01000111
H 01001000
I 01001001
J 01001010
K 01001011
L 01001100
M 01001101
N 01001110
O 01001111
P 01010000
Q 01010001
R 01010010
S 01010011
T 01010100
U 01010101
V 01010110
W 01010111
X 01011000
Y 01011001
Z 01011010
[ 01011011
\ 01011100
] 01011101
^ 01011110
_ 01011111
` 01100000
a 01100001
b 01100010
c 01100011
d 01100100
e 01100101
f 01100110
g 01100111
h 01101000
i 01101001
j 01101010
k 01101011
l 01101100
m 01101101
n 01101110
o 01101111
p 01110000
q 01110001
r 01110010
s 01110011
t 01110100
u 01110101
v 01110110
w 01110111
x 01111000
y 01111001
z 01111010
{ 01111011
| 01111100
} 01111101
~ 01111110
DEL 01111111