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In the world of online business the way your "do" can directly be defined by the level of knowledge your "know."

Since what you know is the method you will be applying. It is from the way you put into your practice that the outcomes will result.

Even the most irrelevant information could put you an extra step in front of your other competitors.

Yes, it requires crucial understanding of how to win over customers for your company. It also involves basic aspects like the age of the domain of your website's URL.

That's the reason we developed this premium, free Domain Age Checker tool.

Domain Age Checker


In simple words, "Domain Age" refers to the period of time that the domain name was in existence. It's how old the domain name is.

As an example If a domain had been registered as early as 2010, the domain's age is 10 years as of 2020.

What exactly is a domain's name? It's the URL of the website, similar to It is also the address that Internet users can connect to your site.


Domain Age Checker is a program that we designed primarily for the purpose of determining an age-related validity of any domain that is available on the Internet.

This is the most effective domain age checker tool that you can find on the internet since it comes with essential domain name checking functions.

Most domain age checkers simply give you the age of the domain , usually in years.

However, Domain Age Checker developed by SoftSEOTools is much more advanced.

Our tool for domains shows not only the age of your domain's name but also the exact date, time month, and year in which the domain name was registered.

And that's not the only thing:

This domain checker will show you more information about your domain , such as:

  • The domain's date of last update was last updated was on
  • The expiration date for the domain
  • IP Address (the IP address ) will inform you who hosts the site and what kind of IP address it is)
  • Name servers associated to the domain name
  • Way back link to check the background that the name of domain has and the layouts, designs and contents.
  • The registrar for the name of domain.

This means that the tool will is not just a domain's age checker however, it can also be used as:

  • Checker for expiry dates on domains
  • Checking the Domain IP address
  • Web host checker
  • Checker for domain name servers
  • Domain registrar checker

With the variety of options, you'll have to acknowledge that this isn't the typical domain age checker but rather a advanced domain name analyzer.

And did not we also mention you can get everything for nothing. Absolutely free. There are no hidden costs, and there are no monthly costs. Actually, it's free. could even make use of it without registering.


We have Domain Age Analyzer is so simple to use, you'll believe you're enjoying yourself!

You can examine the domain of a single name or conduct a bulk domain age check.

Here's how:

Step #1:To use the tool, you'll first need to be on this page ( where you are now

Step #2:

In the text box in the text box, type in the domain name(s) by using http ://.

Step #3:

After entering the domain name(s) After that, click "Check Domain Age" to start the process.

It will take around an instant for our engine to give us the results that will look something like this:

You can click "More info" to view additional details like this:

If you click "History of Domain," the system will reveal the history back to the domain. When the domain was first registered in the year 1995, was used for 5 years before being discarded, then it was registered again and became active three years later it will be able to show everything that happened.

This will give you a good idea of how long the domain has been in existence. It will also let you find out if the domain had at least one previous owner.

This is the only machine that is this advanced in the Interweb.


There are many reasons you should check the history of a domain's name, as given below.

However, you must keep an eye on this: You could choose to investigate:

  • An ageing domain name used domain name that you wish to purchase
  • The time of domain names
  • or just how old is your personal domain name.

Naturally, the main purpose of checking the domain's age is to determine when the domain was first registered and the age at which it's.

There's a good chance that you've already known this when you registered your personal operating domain name. If you wanted to look it up this isn't the most efficient method to use your time and won't do any good (except you've misplaced when the domain was registered).

This leaves us with other two choices:

  • Verifying the age of the domain the name you wish to purchase
  • Verifying the age of competing domains

Examining how old your competition the domain name will do have one benefit for you It lets you know how the domain names of your competitors have been around, giving the user an understanding of the domain names you're up against.

However knowing the date of the domain you're considering purchasing will give you an idea of what you're likely to find.

These two reasons are the main reason here are the main reasons why knowing the age of domains is important:

  1. It gives you an estimation of the amount of backlink profile of the domain name.There is a good possibility that an older domain is likely to have higher link profile.Why? Because it's been in existence for a while and could have built up certain hyperlinks over time.The owner may have made an effort to create quality backlinks and search engines look at the amount as well as the quality when ranking websites.The SEO efforts made before by previous owners to build an impressive link profile could be an advantage for the future owners.
  2. It gives you some idea about how the domain performs in the search results.As mentioned above, it is likely that a domain that has been around for a long time (with an excellent backlink profile) will perform fairly well in the search. Actually, the majority of SEOs think that age of the domain is among Google's ranking factors.If an online domain has a great rank in search engines this will help you save a lot of time, money and time. It also will give one an understanding of how the domain is performing in the search results.
  3. You'll be aware of the amount of traffic you can expect.A long-established and established website is likely to receive a reasonable quantity of traffic.Although there are many other elements which determine the quantity of traffic a site receives, such as publishing regular content or releasing new content. A domain which has been around for some time will "naturally" perform better than new ones when it comes to direct or organic traffic.
  4. You will have an understanding of the domain's reputation.Buying an entirely new domain name requires creating from scratch and building an excellent reputation. However, long-running domain names often are already a well-established good reputation in their market segment.This signifies that customers have built up a certain amount of trust in the name since it's been around and they are aware of they are familiar with it already.Checking the age of the domain name will give you an idea of the length it's been around.
  5. You'll be aware of how awful the domain could be.With the four factors above with you, you might begin to think that all the long-running domain names are clear and heavenly.Don't think that way as they're not all perfect.After looking at the validity of a domain name , and you find it's been in existence for a long time, you can try to figure out if the domain is associated with negative things about it, and what long.For example, the former owner may have employed strategies that are not SEO-approved in an attempt to gain benefits from search engines. Another issue that is associated with certain domain names is that they have an unpopular reputation among users. A few users may have blocked the site, or flagged it as malware or spam. If the flaws aren't taken care of and fixed, the long-term viability that the website is at stake.Checking the domain's domain name will give users an indication of the length of time it's been around, so you can conduct an investigation underground prior to purchasing it.


Just start doing your research now!

All the information on domains the tool offers can assist you make the right decision when buying a used domain name.

But, don't only rely on one tool to decide. You must thoroughly research the domain name, and we have a variety of tools to assist you in this.

This includes our Backlink Checker, Whois Checker, Domain Authority Checker as well as blacklist lookup tools. These tools help to help you make the right buying decision when buying an established domain name.

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