Domain to IP


Domain names are the names we use to find our most-loved websites. We also save them to Google and other search engine browsers. It is possible to write them down and save them in the event of a problem on our computer. What is the reason we have to know the IP address of a domain's address? We'll need this information if we wish to get more information regarding the domain. How do we define an IP Address? It is important to know the answer before we get into the details of what an IP address for a domain is.


A database has records of all websites available online. It is the IP address that's the thing that differentiates the domain from the other. Every domain is assigned an unique IP address. The term IP (Internet Protocol) is an unique address system that is used to identify all devices who are connected to the internet. If you are connected to the Internet using any device like a tablet, mobile phone laptop, computer, and so on. you will be identified with an IP address. Without an unique addressing system, that manages and operates the internet, it is virtually impossible. Imagine living in a place where you haven't got a house number, street numbers , or even names. It would be difficult to locate the location of a person's home.

An IP address is composed of 4 numbers. Each number has one up to three numbers. A single dot '.' is used to separate the numbers in each set. Each of the four numbers could vary from 0 to 255. An IP address may be as simple as This simple number is the key to enabling users to send and receive data from various websites. It is this number set that will ensure we are on the right website.

The IPV4 common set of addresses was first introduced in 1983 and is referred to as the IPV4 as well as the ones described are fast expiring. To manage the future IPV6 domains, IPV6 was launched and both versions are currently in use.


There are two kinds of IP addresses assigned. They are dynamic and static. A static address will never change. Internet hosting providers buy and use a collection of dynamic address. This means that if the user assigned a dynamic address is taken away on the internet, that address is assigned to a different user.

The static IP addresses show such details as the country, continent and region in which the computer is. However it is possible that the IP address not provide the right details about the domain. The reason is that a business located somewhere in South Asia may have a static IP address with the web hosting service provider within the United States. The IP address will give the information needed when an IP lookup is performed. Large corporations prefer to have static IP addresses. certain government agencies also use static IP addresses.

The dynamic IP address is pools of IP addresses that are interchangeable. Every internet service provider has an array of addresses and provide an IP address each time an internet user connects to internet. Sharing the dynamic IP address is more affordable and secure than sharing a static IP. Hackers have a lot of difficulty trying to hack static IP addresses since the domain's address does not change. If a hacker attempts to hack an address that is dynamic the hacker may encounter an entirely different domain that is using its IP.

While you travel, you are able to carry your laptop along however you can't take the IP address with you. If you enter an establishment that offers Wi-Fi and join the web via that it will use the address of the cafe for checking your emails or do other tasks online.


There are a variety of methods to determine your IP address or the address of a site. You can make use of the 'tracer' command or the command 'ping' to determine the IP address. However, finding an IP address for a site is not a source of other details.

If you want to get detailed information about a domain's IP, go to on your search browser and find the 'Domain to IP' icon, or copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser. Domain to IP tool will display. Input the name of your domain of that IP address and click "Submit.' The application will show the domain name IP address, the country and ISP.

In addition to displaying an IP address it also informs you where your IP address located as well as what the domain hosting provider's name is that hosts the domain you are searching for.

This info can be very helpful to identify who your domain's real supplier is. You might have bought the web hosting service within your local area or in a different country. But, the web hosting service provider might be a reseller of another web hosting service. This means that you could be a company house located in Singapore and your website could be hosted in Australia.

The majority of the webhosting service companies are located within the United States. The reason is that they are able to provide affordable hosting services, and their level of service is among the highest worldwide. Additionally, their infrastructure is huge and extremely well-managed.


Knowing the Internet service provider is for every domain online is an extremely important piece of information. You not only get to know the location of an IP for the website,, but you also know which server the domain is hosted by. If you suspect that your competitor's site is receiving more responses than yours. If you discover the reason for this is because they're using an excellent web hosting service You can find this information by performing an IP-domain check with Then you can decide whether or not you would like to change your current web hosting provider and move to a different.