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Input a seed phrase and select the country you want to use Our Keyword Suggestion Tool provides you with suggestions of keywords for your particular purpose.

Generate Traffic-DRIVING KEYWORDS Without a hassle

Keywords are vital to the success of your online business isn't it?

Yes they can. But here's the thing:

Based on just the keywords you come up with using your brain isn't going to help you in your business online.

It is essential to have a method to create a continuous stream of keyword ideas to mix with your keyword seeding.

The ability to generate relevant keywords for you automatically, sourced from a trusted source will save your time and energy, and allows you to focus on more relevant keywords. This also aids in increasing the return on investment you make in marketing (ROI).

This makes keyword suggestions the most important aspect of the field of keyword research as well as SEO (SEO) generally.

What is the reason to perform Keyword Research?

A common misconception regarding keywords is that many people believe that keywords are solely about SEO.

The answer is yes, it's about all aspects of marketing online. Online marketing comprises more than just search engine optimization. It encompasses the other practices of digital marketing such as paid advertising, content marketing and social media marketing. email marketing, and more.

Keyword research is the basis of all the other practices of digital marketing. It's all about using the Internet and is essential to virtually everything you perform online.

From looking up details via Google as well as YouTube and creating content for your audience and advertising on social networks to ads marketing, consumers, marketers and search engines rely on keywords to navigate the Internet.

Take a moment to think about this:

If it wasn't for keywords, the internet could be a place that lacks any direction or structure. Without keywords, users would not have been able to locate what they were seeking. With no keywords, business would not be able to improve their offerings to the exact market they're in.

Keywords are essential in the modern business environment.

They decide what your business is recognized for, where the organic search traffic originates and the most effective content you can create for the market.

If you're not generating enough of the correct keywords and optimize them for the same, then you will not be able to create the sales, traffic, and eventually the income you'd like to earn.

With the importance of keywords in marketing online it is essential to be able to do it correctly. This isn't easy to accomplish if you accomplish it using only your brain. This is why we've developed an extremely efficient tool to assist you. With this tool, your life are going to be much easier for you.


Keyword Suggestion Tool by Soft SEO Tools is a free tool that allows you to create an endless number of keywords for advertising campaigns on the internet.

It gives you an unending stream of highly relevant, relevant, and traffic-driven keywords. All you need to do is type in keywords in a seed and select the country that you would like to base your search.

Our no-cost Keyword Analysis tool will automatically draw information our database of billions of keywords . It will give you suggestions of keywords to use with the seed keywords you typed in.

With these suggestions, you can anticipate a variety of specific, innovative, and practical keyword suggestions to boost your search results and increase your reach.

This SEO tool recommends keywords that users are actually searching for on Google the same way that "Google Suggest" does.

Who will profit by this software? Content writers SEO experts, webmasters blogger, owners of websites bloggers, blog administrators, etc. If you're working in the field of digital content This tool is designed ideal for those who work with digital content... since selecting the appropriate keywords to incorporate into your content could bring about better outcomes.


This tool for keyword research comes with these features:

  • A hundred different keywords per search.
  • The most recent trending or popular record of the keyword is based upon Google Trends. This lets you know if the keyword is decreasing or growing in its popularity.
  • Option to look up keywords that are related to the keyword, their position and long-tail keywords related to the keyword you originally entered.

You have access to all the features listed above for each seed keyword you look up at no cost. Even with the numerous features that it has this tool is very user-friendly and extremely fast.


The first thing to note is that the the Keyword Suggestion Tool is totally free and doesn't need you to sign-up or sign up for an account to use our site. It is allowed to use the tool at anytime and there's no limit on the number of searches that you can make.

To utilize this online tool for finding keywords just comply with these instructions:

Step #1: Get on the above-the-fold section of the Keyword Analysis Tool page (

Step 2: Enter your desired keyword into the box and choose the country you would like to search for.

Step 3: Click on "Check" to complete the request.

The tool will immediately give the result immediately, including all of the features mentioned earlier.

Our Keyword Suggestion tool does more than help you become an experienced content creator easier, but also allows you to identify the most profitable keywords to develop content around, and also improve the performance of your website.

Therefore, go ahead and begin using it. You can also give this tool a rating using the rating tool that is available on our website. Also, you can look at other tools from our SEO tools, such as Keyword Density Checker, Long Tail Keyword Suggestion Tool as well as Keyword Position Checker.

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