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Internet marketers who have been in the business of internet marketing for a while now understand how people search for products and services on the World Wide Web. Search queries are not limited to a single word. They can include three, four, or more words. They are able to identify what they want and where they want it. A visitor looking to take his family on holiday in the Bahamas will not enter the keyword 'holidays.' The visitor will type 'family holidays to the Bahamas'. A single keyword will result in millions of sites being returned by the search engine, but none of these will be relevant to what the visitor is searching for. The search engine will only return sites that include the five keywords the visitor has entered. This will help the visitor find sites that are relevant to his or her search terms.

Internet marketers are aware of this concept and search for long tail keywords to place on their websites. Long tail keywords are the best way to get people to their site who are searching for the products or services they market. Search engines are sophisticated and brilliant. They store long tail keywords from websites in their databases. The search engine will display websites that match keywords when a visitor types in specific keywords. The keywords used by search engines to find keyword-matched sites would be, for example, 'family holidays Bahamas' and "holidays Bahamas".


The long tail keywords are the three, four, or five key phrase phrases that are specific to what your website sells. When a customer searches for something specific, they already know what they are looking for. These searches will most likely result in sales if the website provides exactly what the customer is looking for. Customers use generic searches to browse and see what's available at other sites. It's like window-shopping.

To target customers looking for a particular product, long tail keywords can be used. Let's say a customer is interested in a product. He will look for websites that sell the product. Let's say the customer searches for electric bikes. These keywords will be returned by search engines. He will now open a website that lists the top electric bikes. He will then browse the bikes and choose the bike that interests him. Let's say he likes the Airbike MX5. He will now search for that bike.

This is why search engines rank long tail, multi-phrase keywords that are highly specific. You will face a lot of competition from top-ranking websites if you use generic keywords as keywords. It is impossible to compete with sites such as Amazon.com, Wikipedia.org and eBay. You must therefore find long tail keywords that you can use on your pages.


Google prefers websites with more pages. This suggests that internet marketers should focus on long tail keywords when searching for customers. You will need to create more pages because there are many long tail keywords searchers might use to purchase what you sell.

Remember that unique pages do not have to be variations of the main product page. In the title of each page, include the long tail keyword phrase. Don't limit yourself to four or five highly competitive keywords. Instead, focus on easy-to-rank long tail keywords.

You will get maximum traffic to your site if you use both long tail and targeted keywords on the pages. You will receive more visitors if you have more pages that include long tail keywords in their title or descriptions.

To market your YouTube video, it is important to research the YouTube keyword list and popular YouTube tags lists.


We now know what long-tail keywords are. But how can we find a list that is related to the products we want to sell on our website? We are familiar with our keywords and our products. Go to softseotools.com in your browser and search for the long-tail keyword generator. Or copy/paste softseotools.com/long-tail-keyword-generator in the address bar of your search browser.

In the display, enter the'seedlist'. This will allow you to specify the keywords it should use to generate long-tail keywords. After you've entered the keywords, click the arrow to display a list. Google defaults to the provider.

  • Twitter
  • Yahoo
  • Bing
  • eBay
  • Amazon

Select the provider you wish to target. Next, choose the language and country that you want to target. The list will show you a list with keyword suggestions. The list can be copied/paste or exported to excel.

You can now design your internet marketing strategy using the long tail keywords that this clever and useful tool generates. Now you have a good idea of the search terms that customers are using. If you sell these products, you can create web pages to target them.

Long tail keywords will bring you more visitors to your site's pages. This will help you rank higher on search engines. These are the two main goals of every internet marketer. This free tool will help you to identify long tail keywords. You can also use the Google keyword planner tool to plan your website's strategy. Long tail keywords are more specific than generic keywords, and will improve your website's rank.