Password Protect PDF

The Password Protect PDF tool is the most effective option one can locate on the internet to secure PDF files without difficulty.



To change the password of PDF follow the steps below:

  1. Simply drag and drop the PDF into the above toolbox , or upload your the PDF to Dropbox as well as Google Drive.
  2. Set the password that you'd like create on the file to safeguard the PDF.
  3. Click "Convert NOW" to include a password in this PDF.
  4. Once your PDF file with a password protection is created, you can download the encrypted PDF.


A password or encryption for PDF files secure PDF file is a method of ensuring that access to PDF-encoded information is blocked. Access controls are implemented like passwords or registration codes and are the key to unlock the lock of an PDF document.

PDF locks are created through the use of software that could require identification codes for users and registration codes, and networks to be available or available. Encrypting a PDF is a good idea in order to block anyone from being able access the PDF file without possessing a key. Like all locks, there are different types in PDF lock.

To protect a pdf file it employs the use of a password to grant access to the content of the file. However, this isn't an efficient method to protect PDF files as the password is easily lost or discarded using PDF password recovery software. In some cases the password may also be released within the document, which is not an ideal strategy. To secure PDFdocuments, you should use an approach to encrypting PDF. A complete PDF lock can go much further and provides more secure methods to safeguard PDF online, or shield PDF from being edited. The breach of the PDF lock becomes more complex.


The capability of password protection PDF files from being altered could be improved if the lock has certain physical lock's features, like being able to access the lock at specific dates and refusing to open the door when the surrounding conditions are not correct or unreliable. This means that the PDF lock is sophisticated and complex structure instead of a straightforward mechanism. It is possible to decide on the features of a PDF document you prefer to lock or open and in the conditions and the length of time.

A pdf's password protection is crucial. If you're worried about creating a password for pdf files within Adobe reader, there is no have to fret. There is an online password-protected pdf tool provided from SoftSEOTools. If you want to secure pdf files on Mac and Windows from editing, there's nothing better than locking PDF online. It could appear that passwords are the most important factor, but the real security of PDF files can be secured is encryption. When you're creating an image using a PDF program you can secure the PDF online. All you require is a good PDF software, and it will take care of everything else.


  • Behind the scenes, files' contents are scanned using an encryption method. Following that only those who have the encryption key or password is able to open the file to browse and modify it.
  • When it comes to sensitive information that is confidential it provides an additional layer of security for all details. This can help in protecting the rights of publishing and PDF.
  • When the tool for locking PDF files employs an encryption algorithm that is strong and secure by a secure password the most common tools for cracking passwords in PDF will have a hard task in attempting to hack the password.
  • This powerful tool, provided by SoftSEOTools allows you to lock PDF files using the use of a password to gain access as well as ensure their security. It is possible that you are seeking to secure PDF files so that they cannot be duplicated, altered or printed.
  • Make use of the PDF Lock online tool to ensure your PDF is encrypted and secured with a password , so it cannot be read by anyone. The user needs simply upload their PDF and type in the password in order to secure it.


Our team of developers has incorporated a few of the most impressive and unique features of this password-secure PDFonline tool. We'll take a look at the distinct characteristics of this software.

  • Secure encryption that is secure:

    Password protection for PDF files at no cost to ensure highest security. Many lock programs set the password for PDF files that is easy to remove. Our tool encrypts thoroughly your files to ensure that it will be difficult against anyone who attempts to crack the password.

  • Add Password to Protect

    You can also add Passwords to PDF files that are not accessible to edit printing, printing or copying. It's no longer difficult to protect PDF files. The tool is simple and doesn't need you to run or download any other third-party mobile or desktop software. Your private information will not be available to anyone through the use of this online tool.

  • Secure Multiple PDF by Merging PDF:

    Secure your multiple PDF files at the same time by adding one password for all your PDF files. You can combine several PDF files in one pdf file, saving your time, and also to keep the PDF with one password in case you're unable to remember different passwords.

  • Upload File From Google Drive and Dropbox

    You can now upload PDF documents directly via Google Drive and Dropbox. It is now possible to transfer the files to account on cloud storage, making the password protection for PDFs simple.

  • Accessible from anywhere

    The PDF file security application can be accessed from any location you'd like. Whatever region you live in, the application is at your fingertips regardless of where you are. It is accessible at your office, home or even from any public space. It is all you need is an internet connection that is stable along with a reliable browser to access the program.

  • Secure Handling

    SoftSEOTools SoftSEOTools take care of the data that we receive at the end of the user's journey. We ensure the privacy of our users and ensure that your information isn't shared with any other third-party source. The PDF files that you upload to create them Password secured are not stored in our database. When you download the secure file, it's deleted from our servers. So, you don't need to worry about the security of your personal information.

  • Free PDF Locker

    The web-based Lock PDF tool doesn't cost any fee. We've provided the option to secure PDF passwords free to your files. It is not necessary to take cash from your wallet to use the tool. Encrypt PDF is completely free and will always remain so.


How do you lock the PDF using an encryption key?

The user will only need to be the PDF file to be uploaded and everything else is taken care of by us. We will encrypt your portable file using a password and then provide the document to users.

Do you know if the PDF Protect Tool support Mac as well as Linux?

The PDF protect tool works with all operating systems, regardless which one you use: Mac, Linux, Windows, Android, or iOS.

Do I need any Installation or Registration to secure my password PDF?

You don't need to complete an installation or registration procedure. The application is accessible via the internet and doesn't need users to download or install any application on your mobile or desktop.

Does This Password Protect PDF Tool Is Paid?

The PDF password-protector tool doesn't have to be cost-based. It's available for freeand you don't be required to pay one cent for accessing this tool.

Are There Any Restrictions On Using This Tool?

There are no restrictions the use of this program. It is now possible to encode as many PDF documents as you'd like. We haven't set any restrictions on the encryption of PDF documents of the benefit of users.