Merge PDF

It is an online program that allows you to join multiple PDF files in one. Simply upload your PDFs to this PDF combiner, and it will merge PDFs within mere minutes.



  • Download the PDF files to the device, Google Drive or DropBox.
  • You can arrange and rotate PDFs today. Click on the "Merge PDF''.
  • Click"Download", then click " Download" button, and save the file you merged, as well as " Merge Again"
  • You can use this document to compress PDF and then rotate PDF.

NOTE: You can merge 20 files at one time and uploading as many as 20 at any set date.

Merge PDF


Businesses are heavily dependent on the format PDF for sharing crucial documents with their people they work with on the internet. The consistency of the format, as well as its exceptional capabilities, including encryption for passwords, boost its value and use across the world. The growing popularity of the PDF format has led to the development of users to use PDF tools to manage their documents without the need for software installation. We're well-aware of the old method of copy-pasting in order to join documents or sets of files. But, doing the exact task in PDF could be quite challenging.

Merge PDF is among the most effective PDF tools made available through SoftSeoTools which allow users to merge multiple documents into one single file. The PDF merger assists those who want to combine information stored in multiple documents. This online utility is able to be used on any device, from any corner of the globe.


The merging tool in SoftSEOTools offers a variety of advantages for users. There are a variety of reasons for the necessity for this PDF binder for those engaged in the use of the format. The most important reasons are listed below:

  • Consolidate documents from different team members

    The usage of this PDF combiner is essential for all those who are who are involved in projects that involve teams. If you've ever worked in teams, you could think that each participant must play their responsibility in the successful completion of the task. Every member of a team could write a different document that outlines their findings and work.

    In the event of presenting it is not a good idea to be seen as unprofessional before the jury by submitting multiple files. This PDF merge can spare you from this trouble by allowing you to join PDF online created by your team members into one document.

  • Estate Agents:

    Forms are required by law that estate professionals must complete various procedures. In the digital age the majority of forms are submitted in this format. Therefore instead of making each form distinct documents it is possible to use the free PDF merge tool to merge and submit legal forms in one document.

  • Make Searching Easy

    If you're a user of thousands of files, and you wish to group them together for interlinking reasons Then you should use the PDF joiner software. It will allow you to easily navigate through any group information without having to open each file separately. PDF combiner facilitates searching for everyonesince the information is searched in a vast database of digital documents.

  • Record Management:

    Record management can be difficult for businesses and can be more difficult for employees when finding the details of a specific department or year. By using this software, you can effectively merge PDF documents. you can avoid the hassle of combining records, since you can combine all your records on a monthly as well as departmental.


This combine the PDF tool is among the most effective tools you will get due to its impressive capabilities. The top capabilities you can get by using the PDF combiner software are listed below.

  • Compatibility

    Users will not face any sort of compatibility issue when working with this software. The online service is accessible on all devices, including Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux. All you require is an internet connection to use this application.

  • Merge Multiple Files & Rearrange

    The online binder for PDF permits you to merge up to 20 files into one document. You can choose several documents and rearrange them in this program to maximize the merging document to your preferences.

  • Uploading from the Cloud

    This tool for merging PDFs works with the use of both Google Drive and Dropbox. So, you can upload files you wish for merging directly to your cloud storage, instead of downloading them from your device.

  • No Registration Required

    It is not necessary to undergo the registration procedure to use the PDF Joiner. Whatever number of times you wish to join PDF online the online tool doesn't restrict its use or require for registration.

  • Guaranteed Security

    The PDF binder service is completely secured and safe. the files that are uploaded by users are stored on the servers of this program to facilitate the merging process. When the files are combined, and the users have downloaded their amalgamated files, all the files are deleted from our databases instantly.

  • Free of Cost

    There aren't any charges to the use of our online PDF joiner tool. You can join PDF files for as many times as would like without having to pay a penny.


Professionals in many areas can benefit from this merging tool to benefit from a variety of advantages. The most prominent areas in which you could use this online service are discussed below.

  • Financial Reports

    It is essential for companies to manage their financial sets of accounts to present their accounts in front of the people who are involved. A business prepares various kinds of financial reports and it is possible that they're produced by multiple individuals. In this scenario the PDF merge tool can assist you in combining the reports and then present the reports in one file.

  • Assignments

    Students must team up to complete the tasks before the due date. They may waste time to create a single document each one at a time. Each team member is able to create separate PDF files and then combine the files using this online tool when everyone is finished.

  • Legal Documents

    As an attorney, you could be required to gather and protect various forms of evidence. Instead of keeping copies of legal documents in different documents, you can combine them using this PDF binder, and secure the contents with a password by using the Lock pdf on the internet.

  • Organizational use

    An organization could have many departments and they could be required to share their results in a report every year or bi-annually. The report's performance information being stored in separate files could create a challenge for managers. This is why they should opt to utilize our software to integrate the PDF online into a single document.

  • Save Lot Of Space:

    Saving multiple files can take more space. Instead of deleting the essential files or transfer them to storage devices, you could utilize the PDF joiner tool that can help you join PDF files and save lots of space.


Does anyone need to sign up to access this tool?

No! There isn't a need for any kind of subscription to use this software. This PDF merging online service offered by this platform does not require a dime from its users.

How many PDF files can I join into this binder for PDF?

Users are able to combine up to 20 files in one go using the PDF Joiner. It is possible to further join the files in case you have more than 20 files since there is no limit to the use of this tool.

Do I have the ability to rearrange files using this tool?

Yes you can rearrange files using this tool. After uploading the files this tool allows you to alter the arrangement according to your needs.

Can I rotate files separately?

Yes this advanced PDF merge feature lets you rotate individual files. It is possible to upload the files you would like to combine and rotate each of them before hitting on the button to merge. Also, you can use our rotate PDF tool to quickly rotate your document.

Can I combine PDF files using this program?

This tool lets you join files as many times as you like. No limitations have been set on the use of this online PDF binder service.

Can I upload a document direct from Google Drive & Dropbox?

Yes! Our PDF merge is compatible with Google Drive and Dropbox. It lets you directly upload files from cloud storage, instead of saving them to your device first.

Are my files secure here?

Yes! Your data is secure and safe with this service. When the process is finished after the person has downloaded the PDF file that has been merged, the files are deleted from our databases.

Can this pdf combiner preserve my documents?

No! This tool won't save your data. Your files will be deleted immediately from databases once the merging process is completed. We have a privacy policies and our privacy policy.

Do these PDF merges work on the majority of operating systems?

Yes the merge PDF tool works with every operating system. If you're running an Android, iOS, Mac, Windows, or Linux device, you are able to join PDF files online with the aid of our online application.