Excel to PDF

It is possible to convert Excel into PDF with just a couple of clicks using this no-cost tool. Drop the Excel sheet onto the computer and then convert it to PDF format. Follow the steps below to convert.



  • Online Excel viewer. Excel to the PDF converter.
  • In the webpage, you'll see three options for uploading your file. Select the option which has the file you want to upload.
  • Then step is to click " Convert to PDF." The program will convert XlS files to PDF and then return the results for download.
  • There, you can select " Download Your File" to download a zip file that contains your PDF. You can also select " Try Again" to attempt the process again with a different PDF.

Excel to PDF Converter


The online service provided through SoftSeoTools provides its users the possibility to convert XLSx into PDF without having to adhere to any hard and quick guidelines. We have created an easy-to-use tool that can convert Excel to PDF within a matter of seconds. It isn't necessary to go through numerous ambiguous procedures like providing personal data to access this online application like you would need to do with other online programs. Our developers have demonstrated their expertise by creating this tool to transform your Excel documents into quality PDFs in the blink of an eye. It is not necessary to wait for long time to download the resultant file like you would have to using some other converters online.


There are a myriad of beneficial features with this converter. The main functions of our online tool are listed below.

There is no installation or sign-up is required

The tool we offer doesn't require users to follow the tedious and lengthy process of signing up to convert Excel to PDF as you would have to have done in the past using other tools. It is also not necessary to install any software of your computer, since the Excel converts PDF to Excel online is used from any location on the world with an internet connection.

100% Safe and Free

It's true that good things aren't free, but this isn't applicable to this application which allows you to convert any number of Excel documents to PDFs you want without having to pay a cent. There is no need to buy a subscription plan for help with this online convertor. You can have a safe and secure transformation of your Excel spreadsheet into PDF using our online service.

Saves Time

The old method of converting an Excel file to PDF was time-consuming, because you needed a specific application to accomplish this. This procedure required a significant amount of effort and time from you. However this Excel online PDF converter gives you a instantly converted file.

Consistent Formatting

Many online converters can alter the format of the files, and you could have to wait hours rearranging the format. However, you can cut down your time and energy by using this program that converts XlS to PDF. This way, it will not alter the regular formatting of your documents after conversion.

Access from anywhere, any time

We present to you an online-only tool that lets you utilize it from anywhere on the of the world without trouble. There is no requirement to sit in a certain place like your classroom, office or even be waiting for specific time in order to change XLS into PDF. The program can be used at any time and from any location.


There are numerous other advantages that you can enjoy by using our online XlSx to PDF converter. The main advantages are given below.

Transferability of data

One of the major advantages of the conversion of Excel into PDF is that you are able to access a PDF document on any device , without the need to install an additional program like the Office suite for opening the XLS file. Once you convert your Excel file to PDF, you will be able to access your files from any device with no obstacles.

Easy Understanding of Data

Excel's layout Excel appears confusing and confusing for some who might find it difficult to comprehend the information contained in the spreadsheet. However PDF is extremely well-liked because of its outstanding layout that enhances the accessibility of data. For better comprehension of the data, it is possible to convert XLSX for PDF just in just a couple of minutes.

Dependency of MS Office

Excel files are used primarily by Microsoft Office however what happens if a device does not have an Office suite installed? It is possible that you won't be able to open Excel spreadsheet files. However, once you convert your spreadsheet into PDF using our software, you will be able to use it without the need for particular software.

Availability of PDF Functions

This tool lets you utilize all the incredible and beneficial functions for converting Excel in PDF file format. When you save Excel as a PDF, you'll be able perform all of the functions that PDF formatted documents can perform. To further convert PDF files, look into our PDF tools such as the PDF converter, which can convert your document into WordPDF to JPGPPT to PDF and many others.


Excel is among the top applications extensively used to manage balance sheets, maintain monitoring records, as well as other related business calculations efficiently. Excel format allows you to keep all crucial numeric data in the right way. Excel documents are also referred to as spreadsheets because it is composed of columns and cells to deal with data in a proper manner.

However, the format has limitations that render it unsuitable for many situations. It isn't possible to share this file for free, as the receiver needs a side application that can execute to run an XLS file. This makes Excel difficult to use since you will need an extended time to solve these problems.

The best method to reduce your time and effort is to convert your spreadsheet to one that doesn't impose restrictions on users from adhering to the regulations. PDF is the best choice that you can use to solve these issues. Our online tool gives you with the possibility of turning many Excel documents into PDF files without committing money to anyone. Just a few clicks on your device can allow users to convert online Excel into PDF with this application.


If you're looking for an the simplest method to do manually converting, then the usage of Excel conversion online must be the first option. There are a lot of online programs that can help users the ability to convert XLS into PDF. Each tool has distinct qualities and will be distinctive in its own manner however this is the one and only tool that has every feature you can want. If you're still doubting in us, give it a shot and experience for yourself how amazing this tool truly is.