Network Speed Tester



This is an estimated speed of connection which might not reflect the speed of your actual connection.

Internet usage is now an integral aspect of people's lives. The internet is accessible on various devices such as;

  • Smart phones
  • Smart TVs
  • Computers
  • Tablets
  • Laptops

All these devices should connect to internet to run efficiently and constantly. Smartphones connect to the internet using Wi-Fi or cellular service providers. All other devices require internet connectivity. This service is offered through the Internet Service Provider also known as ISPs.

The speed of the internet is dependent on the technology employed by the ISPs who provide the service. If they have an optical fiber connection it will be extremely rapid. Copper-wire and cable connections are slower. In certain regions the mix is utilized by ISPs to provide internet connectivity. Certain ISPs offer fiber optic connectivity to the Wi-Fi devices. The Wi-Fi bandwidth is shared among the various devices. Other ISPs also have fibre optic connection boxes. Through these junction boxes, they supply internet access to their customers through copper wire lines that are used to connect telephones. TV cable operators supply the internet to their customers through their own cabling system of their networks.

The use of the internet has seen a dramatic rise in the last 10 years. In order to meet the increasing demand Internet service providers as well as the mobile service provider have needed to come up with new ways to offer fast internet connectivity to their customers. There's plenty of competition among internet service providers to offer high-quality service and speed for users. Certain areas in US and Europe provide speeds of 2GBps for internet users. The provision of high-speed internet requires an investment of a significant amount by Internet Service Providers that they must make in order to stay in business. Governments are also making money from selling high-speed connectivity licences.

Nowadays, there's plenty of discussion about internet speeds . The reason is that internet technology has revolutionized the way that people communicate with one another and play games, watch entertainment or listen to music as well as work. The main question on the minds of every internet user is, 'what's the best internet speed. What is the best way to we know what speed is required? It is possible to conduct an internet speed test but what will it say about the quality of the information you receive from it. There are several speed test companies on the internet, such as; Comcast speed test, Verizon speed test Speed test Ookla.

A common speed test for the internet will reveal speed of download, ping upload speed, and some tests for internet speed offer additional details. If an ISP offers you access to the internet, they'll provide you with the speed of download they'll give you or guarantee to give you with the speed that they promised to give you. You can determine the speed by performing the internet speed test.

Network Speed Tester


Before we can look at the speed needed to support the various devices connected to the internet at home including Game consoles and TVs and many other smart devices. We must understand the meaning behind the term.

Streaming streaming: This is a kind of download that's not stored on any device. If you stream a film through Netflix or YouTube and it streams the film to your device via an external storage device in another. You'll only require a certain amount of bandwidth to stream the film without it being interrupted or buffered during play. It is not necessary to download the video in order to enjoy it.

Downloading refers to actually the transfer of information from a place to your device. Downloading uses greater bandwidth than streaming. You download applications, games, files, emails, etc. and save them to your device.

Uploading: Uploading is the reverse of downloading. When a file you download from another device is stored to your device, when uploading, you transfer a data from one device onto a different device.


You should verify the speed of service on you ISP account. It is essential to ensure that you're getting the speed you're supposed to receive. A speed test on the internet will confirm that you are receiving the speed promised. The three items of data included in most speed tests are

Ping: This indicates the level of latency that occurs in the network of computers. In simple words, it is the time it takes for data to transfer between computers. When you test the connection the program tries to locate one server that takes the shortest time to respond to an exchange request. After it has established the connection, the time spent in doing this is shown as milliseconds for ping time.

download speed: It asks the server to transmit data across and it then counts the amount of time it takes for the data to get transferred. The average speed is displayed as speed of download, which is expressed as the Mbps (Mega bits/second).

Test Speed for Upload: This transmits some data samples to the server, and then measures the amount of time it takes the data to be delivered. It is shown as download speed in Mbps.


To run internet speed test, you can go to on your search browser, or you can copy/paste in a tab of your browser. Hit the "Begin Test" icon and it will start the test. When the test is complete, it will displaythe following information: an average speed, minimal, and maximum speeds for upload and download.

It's a simple and easy tool to utilize. It is essential to speed test your the internet regularly to make sure you're getting the speed promised by your internet service provider.


This is a question often asked by online gamers. The query is diverse, for instance: what is the best Internet speed to stream games? What is a suitable streamer's internet connection speed? These answers vary. The bandwidth for online gaming is approximately 150Mb/hour. According to Netflix they recommend .7 Mbps up to 5.3 to stream videos. Music streaming requires less bandwidth. If you are aware of the amount of bandwidth consumed and the amount of bandwidth consumed, you can determine what the best internet speed required to meet the current and future requirements on the internet is.