HTML Viewer

Online HTML Viewer helps to run your HTML in real-time to view your HTML code, upload your file, or copy-paste your code in the text box below to view it.


HTML viewer is a sophisticated web-based application developed by experienced developers to provide users with ease in using and viewing their HTML code.Developers do not need to download an application to their device for viewing HTML files, since the same process is possible on the internet.If you're looking to examine the format of HTML codes or identify mistakes that are present in the code.The HTML code viewer lets you to browse HTML files without having to face any restrictions.


The HTML reader features an easy-to-use interface that is easy for users to comprehend or using the tool.If you're a professional or just a novice you don't need to fret, since you do not have to adhere to rigid and strict rules when using HTML online using this tool.The easy steps below can help you navigate HTML with our tool.

  1. The HTML code into the box on this tool.It allows users to paste code or to upload the HTML document, or download HTML from the URL.
  2. After you have uploaded HTML The next step and final step is to press the View HTML link.
  3. Once this button is hit and the result is instantly displayed.


The HTML viewer in SoftSEOTools is built upon advanced algorithms that don't make users struggle with any of the complexities.By a single click this online tool will automatically process the HTML file and provides results in just one seconds. Users can use this tool without going through the lengthy registration procedure.

It is not necessary to be registered with SoftSEOTools to use the HTML code reader. It's a free service that doesn't require users to purchase an upgrade to a premium membership. It is not necessary to shell out a dime the use of a tool any longer. The HTML code reader is guaranteed that you get the most authentic results, without requiring effort manually. To modify the content of your HTML you can test an absolutely no-cost web-based HTML editor that allows you modify HTML to view the results in real-time using the splitting view function.


This online view HTML tool lets you perform various actions on your HTML code , without having to worry about restrictions.It is possible to use this software to read code for a variety of reasons, like:

  1. Verify that the code is authentic. code.
  2. Enhance or beautify the HTML file.
  3. Check out what happens when you run the HTML code.
  4. Minimize your HTML code.


The HTML visualizer that we have on our site comes with top-quality featuresthat make it the most effective online tool to view HTML codes.The top attributes that we offer on our tool can be described below.

Free and Easy to Use:

There are no costs associated when using this program. It is not necessary to know particular steps to use this tool since the easy set of guidelines above will allow you to browse and run codes quickly.

Run and Test HTML:

The process of running the HTML document and performing tests for issues has become an easy procedure using this program. You can now easily see what happens to every HTML code and verify its authenticity with just one click.


It's cloud-based, which means it's compatible with every operating system. No matter if your device runs using iOS, Android, Windows and Mac OS, you won't be denied access to this application and utilize it for viewing HTML files.

No Plugin Installation Required:

It is accessible via the web browser on your device. The HTML viewer isn't compatible with any plugins, which means you don't need to worry about installing them in order to use this tool.

Fast and Secure:

It will display the results on screen of users within seconds.It's a secure online tool that doesn't store the information that users upload or input by users to its database.

Access from any location:

Our software can be accessed from anywhere in the globe. All you have be able to connect the device to an internet connection to access and using the code viewer.


The primary usage of HTML is to be used by developers because they use the markup language to create an interface framework for websites and other applications. Thus, viewing HTML by using the help of an online HTML reader can help you gain a variety of benefits. The most significant advantages of this tool are listed below.

Check for Errors:

Our online tool can help to identify and fix mistakes inside an HTML document prior to showing it to the public. When you upload HTML code to this tool, you will be able to quickly discern whether the document has any mistakes or not.

Layout Adjustment:

Because HTML is used extensively to create layouts, it is possible to use this tool to see whether the layout is perfect for front-end users. It is possible to make adjustments to your HTML code in this program until you reach the desired result.

Save Time:

The standard way of running and viewing HTML files is a waste of time and assist you to identify the specific errors in the code. As a substitute, it'll take only a few seconds to show you the mistakes that exist in HTML code.


Many people aren't willing to utilize an internet-based HTML viewer because of privacy issues. So, we've developed this tool to give full assurance to users regarding the security of the submitted HTML codes. The servers of our code reader are constructed in that they do not keep the HTML codes submitted by users. Once the process is complete with this HTML viewer your file is automatically removed from its database. Your information is completely safe and secure with the SoftSEOTools viewer.