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Good quality links can help to beat your competitors by generating more traffic. Through Our Backlink Checker, you can quickly monitor backlinks on specific domains.


Backlinks, in conjunction with content are the primary factors that affect how your site's performance is on the search results page (SERPs).

If this is the case you should know that backlinks are crucial and must be treated accordingly.

Giving your backlinks the respect they deserve starts by having an understanding of what your profile appears to be. Also, you'd need to look over your backlinks in order to figure out what you're doing and then determine the next stage at where you can take it.

This is where a no-cost backlinks checker tool is available.

Backlink Checker


Our tool for backlinks that is free is designed to provide an exhaustive analysis of the backlinks on your site.

Though it was developed through Soft SEO Tools (SST) the backlink analyzer for free is fully integrated into Ahrefs engine to collect and display a complete backlink report for every online website or web page.

By using this tool, you'll be in a position to:

  • Find out and track the source of your backlinks from
  • Do a backlink analysis as well as review any website
  • Study your most effective content
  • Find out which pages or keywords bring you the most web links
  • Find the most valuable backlinks and study their profile of backlinks to find patterns and potential linking opportunities.

What are the specific metrics you can find with this tool?

Then, because backlink analysis is integrated into Ahrefs to give you the most effective results, the tool can do more than simply show you the list of your website's backlinks.

  • It displays that URL to the webpage which is linked back to your site.
  • It displays exactly the anchor text that is used for the backlink.
  • It displays what is the Ahref Domain rating of the site that links back to your website.
  • It displays what is the Link Type (that is, whether it's Follow or Nofollow).
  • It offers you the option to look up the Ahrefs URL rating of the site that is linking back to.

But this isn't all. To assist you further the process of building backlinks, our free tool will provide you with additional indicators, including:

  • Ahref rank of your website
  • Ahrefs score for your website (Domain Rating)
  • Total number of backlinks linking to your website
  • A total of domains that link to your site
  • Organic keywords
  • Organic traffic
  • The amount of Dofollow links on your website
  • The number of links that are Nofollow on your website
  • A total of IP's that are referred to

And guess what? You get all these items absolutely free.

The initial report generated by the Backlink Checker tends to be limited to only the 100 most popular backlinks linking towards your domain which is why it only shows only one link per domainhowever you are able to go on to see all the links.

HOW to use our FREE BACKLINKS Checker Tool

Our tool is extremely easy to utilize. It doesn't require an expert in technology or in SEO to utilize it. In reality, it requires only three steps:

Step #1: Get on this page ( where you are now already.

Step 2: In the space given, enter your URL. It can be the primary URL that links to the website's homepage, or the URL of one particular page, like the blog's page or product post URL. It is possible to choose whether the tool will display external links to all pages within the domain or just to that specific page with the URL that you input.

Step 3: Click on the "Check Backlink" button. The specific request you are making may require you to fill out an CAPTCHA. If that's the case, you should proceed and complete it. Once you've completed all three steps, the tool will display the results instantly including all of the information that are discussed in the above section. The report can be downloaded in the event that you wish to.

The majority of other backlink checkers provide a handful of result (say 10, maybe) for each page. However, our link checker can provide you with some of the most popular backlinks for the same URL. You can also choose to see more.

As mentioned before the tool we use does more than provide backlinks. It also gathers and shows other crucial metrics , as we've demonstrated in the above section.


If you've gotten all these information about backlinks What should you do with them?

Here are the top five suggestions:

search Engine Optimizing: Enhancing your SEO can be likely to be the most profitable thing you could achieve by utilizing backlinks. The information that our online tool for backlinks with will assist you in determining how you can enhance your backlink profile to achieve better search results and more the amount of traffic to your website.

Loss Link Recovery By using the information our tool offers it is possible to locate and retrieve lost links. Check out the pages with 404 that have hyperlinks that are inbound. Utilizing 301 redirects will aid in ensuring that your website's visitors as well as spiders of search engines will be directed on the proper page.

Backlink Audits of Competitors: Analyze the link profile of your competition and search for opportunities to increase your link-building and search performance. If you are conducting a backlink check on your competitors or audit, it is important to examine the inbound links which are directed to websites that rank the highest so you don't miss crucial link opportunities.

Building Relations: Follow up on the people who are linking to your website to create even more valuable connections. It is also possible to use this tool to locate credible influencers that have a connection to your company and have established authority on their pages. They could help you reach your audience, and also gain you a link as a result. Utilize this tool to find out the people they're linking with or those linked to them. Talk to them about possibilities of obtaining a link two using the data the tool provides.

Build a better Link Profiles: This website link checker allows you to see the quality of websites linking to your site. You can choose to filter off the poor quality sites, while focusing on the reliable ones.

Additionally, you'll be able to discern which link building methods (blog comments and guest blogs, social bookmarking etc.) will be most beneficial for your site. This will help to build a better web pages.


Backlinks are the links that appear that are on other websites and point towards your website. It's also known as inbound links or inbound links.

The greater the number of backlinks that a website's site is able to get, the higher its site will rank on search engine result pages. Additionally, the better the value of the backlinks you have you are more likely to be being ranked higher.

How? Google and other search engines see each backlink as a kind of recommendation. The higher the amount of backlinks (and their quality) that point to your site and the more reliable the search engines will judge your website as. The more trust you have, the better your rank.

When building backlinks, don't just focus on the quantity of backlinks. Instead, look for QUALITY and RELEVANCE also. Most of the time, you should target sites with domain authority that is greater than or equal to the website's. (Use our domain authority checker tool to verify.)

If your site is surrounded by a large number of poor-quality backlinks or spammy links, your SERP rank will be affected. That's why it's more beneficial to have 10 natural quality backlinks rather than have 100 poor quality ones.

This is why you should employ a tool for checking backlinks to check and monitor the backlinks on your site and their importance.

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