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Make use of the "Links Counter" tool for quick and simple checking of links on your website pages

This online tool is the best tool to use in order to determine the number of outgoing links present on a particular page. Webmasters and website owners must check regularly the external links that are on their websites to verify the authenticity of the site.

In addition, this program will help you save cash and avoid the hassle of paying for advertisements or link building services from an untrustworthy supplier. Utilizing "Link farms" (pages or sites which are designed to reproduce backlinks) is not a great choice for SEO since they use a specific algorithm that is able to detect links building actions. It could actually hurt your website rather than to improve it.

Therefore, it is suggested that you utilize this tool to check the number of links on your site as a base to get rid of websites that might harm your site's reputation in the event that you plan trade links. After that, you can conduct more analysis by manually examining the importance of that particular website.


One of the primary aspects of a website the majority of website owners fret about is the number of links they've placed on their web pages including external and internal links. Since the more quality and high-quality hyperlinks a website has the better it is considered by search engines such as Google.

This Link Count Checker can help you monitor the internal and external links , and backlinks for your website pages. It also indicates whether they're Dofollow as well as Nofollow. This is an outgoing and incoming link extractor, as well as an instrument to counteract this that is very beneficial to SEO of search engines.

Soft SEO Tools Soft SEO Tools want to give webmasters and owners of websites the most effective tool to evaluate both external and internal links. they can get an idea of the value of links on their website.

It is a Link Count Checker tool is extremely useful in gathering all the relevant information you can utilize in improving the performance of a website. The website owner usually would like to know the amount of internal and external links are present on a particular web page.


The Link Count Checker tool is very simple to use. It is all you need to do is type your URL within the "text box and then click"Check" or "Check" option. Our system employs a unique algorithm to analyze your request and produce the results in a flash. The result will give you the following data:

  • Links to all of them
  • Internal Links
  • External Links
  • Nofollow link
  • Do not click on links that aren't followed.

Total links - refers to the total amount of external and internal hyperlinks that a website can have. There are links count checker software that can provide the amount of duplicate links as well as empty anchors.

Internal links are pages that are accessible on websites. They are usually linked via the menu of the website or through interlinks.

External links - are hyperlinks to other websites, or, more commonly, partner websites. The more external links that a site has, the better it is for SEO. However, all links must be from reliable and relevant websites and not with spam websites.

Nofollow links are usually highlighted in red to represent a threat. The degree of danger they pose to websites is debatable. But, you should beware of nofollow links. Popular social media websites such as Facebook as well as Twitter are automatically no-follow.

Dofollow links are those that permit Google or other search engines to track them to reach your site. This link is advantageous to your site since it will help you achieve the best page ranking in search engines.

There are several website link count checker software that can determine the anchor text that is connecting your site to a different site. This will help in analysing the text to make more Dofollow links.


The most effective way to obtain do-follow links is to make use of this site tools to check the number of links on your site. After analyzing your results you are able to begin making the necessary changes to your website pages to make your hyperlinks more appealing for search engine spiders. The hyperlinks (both internal as well as external) must be connected to the content of your website and placed in the right context in order to benefit from SEO.

You could also consider blog posts for guest bloggers on website with page authority. This can help boost website traffic , which could improve your page rank on various search engines such as Google.

The criteria used by search engines to rank websites utilizes a specific algorithm that processes information efficiently. Sites trying to trick search engines through buying fake hyperlinks or using farm-based links will fail because they are capable to detect such actions.


Many search engines such as Google were able to link a website link with other sites which created a problem for many webmasters and bloggers. Some took advantage of this to earn money. Fraudulent link farms were provided to uninitiated webmasters and owners of websites. They're only conscious of the importance of external links and that's the reason they opted for links from farms that were paid for.

But, it creates another problem since links with bad content were inserted on various blog sites , and also linked to other websites. This became a major issue for hardworking blogger owners and owners of websites and they decided to add no-follow on their websites to stop this practice.

Google along with other major search engines affected and required to modify their algorithms for ranking. They devised a system which checks the legitimacy of links . They also introduced the concept of No-follow to deal with spam and fake websites.

A lot of website owners were more beware of getting no-follow links due to the fact that they were bought links from unreliable sources. They Instead, they relied on links to trusted sources or websites.