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Utilize this Link Analyzer Tool created by Soft SEO Tools if you would like to examine the link structure on your website

If you're reacting to the most recent Penguin update or conducting a regularly scheduled link inspection, this free Link Analyzer Tool from Soft SEO Tools makes the review and analysis of your links as simple as is possible.

This tool is designed to look at the links on a URL (web page) at a time. If you need a thorough review of your link, you should analyze the individual pages of the web, individually, and not just the homepage.

HOW DO I Utilize This Link Analyzer Tool?

To use the Link Analyzer tool, simply enter the URL of the page which you would like to look over and then choose whether you prefer to examine the external links, internal links or both. Also, you can select the checkbox to be aware of not-following links.

The Link Analyzer tool will generate instant results. It will show a report that contains every link that is outbound or inbound and the anchor text. If there are images with hyperlinks on the page that image's alt attribute the image will be displayed as anchor text.


This free tool for checking the links on websites by Soft SEO tools is developed to assist website owners, webmasters and SEO professionals to analyze the hyperlinks on a website. This helpful tool will detect websites and the links that spiders are crawling a particular page on your site. All you need to accomplish is to put the web address for your site within the text box, and then click"Analyze Links" "Analyze links" button. Our system will take care of the request and show the results within a couple of minutes.

This website's link checker Will show you the following:

  • A total of hyperlinks that are on your website.
  • The number of internal hyperlinks within a webpage.
  • A number of links external to that appear on a website.
  • The number of do not follow and do follow hyperlinks on a website.

Link analyzer is an extremely useful tool that allows you maintain follow links that are embedded in your blog or website. This tool lets you evaluate the internal links and external links that link to your site.

With this tool for checking website links, you can easily identify dead links and eliminate them to improve the quality of the website. This is an advantage for your website as it will greatly aid in the search engine optimization. It will offer you a more chances of achieving a an excellent page ranking for your website pages.


This extremely efficient website link checker created by Soft SEO Tools is one of the most effective tools for website owners and webmasters as it will provide data on both outbound and inbound links to a particular site. Based on the results, you can easily make a link analysis of your site and then compare it to the amount of links that are inbound or outbound on the websites of your competition.

The effect that Search Engine rankings on your site is quite significant, and it is assessed using a specific measure that only a search engine such as Google recognizes. This is why it is the the best to make sure that your websites are free of bad links and other mistakes because it can help you get higher rankings on results pages of search engines. This free online tool can assist you determine if your website pages contain broken links , more commonly referred to as bad links.

It can greatly benefit your site It will greatly benefit your website if you attempt to get the links the websites of your competitors don't have. Additionally, you must not rely on any SEO or link building software or scripts for your success in building links. Your website will gain ranking if it is clean and fresh. They are also reliable. Keep your eyes on the ball and strive to stay ahead of competitors' websites.


The link analyzer will examine external and internal links and also do follow or no follow links on your site. The link analyzer was designed to give webmasters, website owners SEO experts, and webmasters a tool that gives solid results which can be used to examine all hyperlinks on a specific website.

The user will see a a list of the internal and external links to your site. If your website has hidden hyperlinks or spam, then you could use the tool called link analyzer to find the hidden links as well as spam links. It can also tell you the websites that send you backlinks or traffic. This website Link Checker Tool to concentrate on the most crucial web pages and enhance the links on other pages to get a better page rank in various search engines such as Google.

The ranking of a website's search engine highly is dependent on both the quality and quantity of links that arrive. It is crucial for you to examine your competition, create a site for optimization and boost your website's traffic by studying the methods used to build links which are employed by your competition. To give you a more effective and a accurate link analysis for your site the link checker tool can be a great resource.


Link analysis is among the top vital aspects of optimizing your search engine. It is essential to be exact regarding the number of links connected or directed to your site. An analysis of inbound and outgoing linkswill help you profit when it pertains to SEO.

There are a lot of similar SEO tools on the web However, this is the most effective free Online Link Analyzer that you will come across. The link checker on your website can give you with all the data you require to know if you are looking to examine the outbound and inbound hyperlinks on your site. It's not necessary to create an account by email or download to utilize this software.