Compress PDF

Reduce PDF file size but keep the original quality. PDF compressor is ideal to create smaller PDF files to store it on drives or sending PDF files via emails, sharing PDF files via social networks, and publishing them on websites.



Follow these easy steps to reduce

  1. Choose a compressed file: To upload your PDF, just drag and drop the file into the box above or upload it to a PDF compressor ( choosing the appropriate option from Computer, Dropbox, Google Drive)
  2. Click the "Compress PDF" Button to Start:
    After you have uploaded your file, select after uploading your file, click the "Compress PDF" button to reduce the size of your PDF. Our software will begin to reduce the size of your PDF file.
  3. Save your file, rename it and choose a location to save it.
    Name the PDF that has been optimized, or retain the original file name which we suggest you to change the PDF's original name. Download the PDF compressed file to your personal computer, Dropbox and Google Drive
  4. Continue to compress your next PDF file if required.

The full outline of the steps to minimize the size of PDFs online is simple and simple to follow. In reality, they'll make you wonder why you didn't make use of the PDF reducer sooner.

  1. To reduce the size of your PDF file, visit the online PDF compressor
  2. On the webpage there are three choices: Upload, Choose from Dropbox and Select to upload from Google Drive. From there, you can upload your PDF file and then use your PDF size reduction tool. Select the option you would like to choose.
  3. If the file is stored on Google Drive, click on the option to choose Google Drive, select "Choose from Google Drive". By selecting this option, it will take you to a web page that will require you to verify the details of your Gmail account. Following this, you'll be required consent for SoftSEOTools to gain access to the Drive.
  4. Simply click "Allow" to continue.
  5. Your document's security and privacy is 100% assured, and no anyone will ever gain access to your files , and they will be deleted permanently within one hour.
  6. A pop-up window will appear that allows you to navigate through your Google Drive account and find the file you wish to upload.
  7. If the file is stored in your Dropbox you can use the same procedure that you would in Google Drive. Select the Google Drive option and identify the file you wish to compress.
  8. If you click "Upload," a window will open in which you can browse your computer to locate the file that you would like to use the online PDF reducer to compress.
  9. After you have uploaded your file, then click the "Compress PDF" button to reduce the size of your PDF
  10. Once the tool has compressed your PDF A new window will appear in which you can select either to "Download Your File", or "Try Again" with another PDF file.
  11. You can also save your files to DropBox as well as Google Drive.
  12. You can clearly see that this tool is very simple to make use of. Download your PDF file with ease.

Compress PDF


The most effective solution to this issue is much simpler than you initially think. It is using an on-line PDF compression tool. The compressor begins its process to reduce the size of PDF files without removing any components of the document, conserving the original formatting and the original quality. The compressor reads the file, scans it for pattern of data that is repetitive and removes it using unique identifiers to get rid of the pattern of repetition.

Your images, charts and drawings will be safe throughout the process. This is the way compressor optimizes the PDF. It converts PDF files into smaller files, which lets you enjoy the benefits when working on a lighter PDF files.

The smaller size of the PDF decreases the time you spend uploading files and reduces the additional size of the PDF files.

The most appealing aspect of this tool is that it is entirely online. This means it is not necessary to install or download any software. The PDF file can be reduced in size on the internet easily.


Many argue about PDFs being the greatest option for us to have. If you look at it in the right light PDF files can provide us with lots of benefits. For one it provides a innovative solution to the most common issues and issues that have troubled people for quite a while.

PDFs can provide a solution to a problem through universal formats. With the increasing amount aspects of our lives became online There was a requirement for a standard format that could be easily used by all users; could be opened by a variety of software; and would remain constant across its types.

It can be difficult to admit that PDF files are so crucial. To put it into perspective, imagine what it would be like without them. What would you do to read eBooks? How do you access exclusive newsletters? What are the best ways to share your documents with coworkers and friends?

PDFs aren't only great as they can be shared with and accessed by anyone, but because they're very flexible. It is possible to convert almost everything to PDF because of online tools.

Word documents can be converted to PDF Excel files, word documents, also PowerPoint presentations! When you convert other file formats to PDFs, keep in mind that you can accommodate any type of character in a PDF document. From graphs and charts to images. You can not only incorporate these elements into the PDF file using the proper tools however, you can also protect your PDF files quickly. This feature is particularly appreciated by those who utilize PDFs for sharing confidential information. Therefore, it is obvious that PDFs are fantastic.


The many wonderful aspects of PDF files could sometimes fool you into thinking that they're perfect and absolutely flawless. However, they're not. There is one issue with them , and it could destroy all their amazing benefits. But before we dive to the root of that issue, do you recall when you last made an PDF file that had pictures within it? If you have a large number of pictures within the file, most likely it was big, right? They will not reduce the size of PDF. They actually increase the size of the file significantly. In reality, each image that you add to PDF files will add its own file size with it. Imagine that your PDF file included other elements too. Things like graphs diagrams, charts, and even illustrations. I'm estimating that your PDF could exceed 50MB at this point.

The reason why it appears to be the software you usually use Compress pdf to less than 100kb, is because the majority of PDFs are made up of words. Words are among the most lightweight characters used in computing. Illustrations and pictures however aren't.


The large PDF files negate the reason for PDFs on the fundamental level. When you look at a more detailed look, you'll see that large PDFs defeat almost every benefit that the format of files has. For instance the large PDFs can't be open in all formats. Connectivity and network issues may cause problems when getting and sending large PDF documents. It isn't possible to send large PDFs via email, nor can you share it with your friends via social media or publish PDF documents on websites. Because the majority of email servers and social media platforms, they limit the their file sizes to 25 Mb up to 50 MB. The DPI problem of a huge-sized PDF file when uploading and scanning files to the web or email is another issue.

In addition, not all applications can open and read large PDF files. Additionally, some will delay when you try to open them.


You can try a number of things to to compress PDF file size , and eventually reduce the size of PDF. However, at the end the day, a lot of them won't be effective. For instance, you can create the file in a different format, and then convert it into PDF. However, this will not help compress the file. This is due to the fact that no matter how big elements may be contained within the file, they will keep their size once they are converted into PDFs. It is also possible to shrink the size by taking out images or entire pages of the document. But this will not necessarily solve the issue since it's going to cost you the loss of important data.


As we have discussed before, PDF is one of the most popular document sharing format because of its amazing capabilities. PDF lets you protect the information with passwords or passwords, so that anyone who is not authorized to access the data. The security feature helps the format standout from other formats. The people who use it are always shifting to this format due to numerous reasons. One of the reasons is to protect of data or information.

You can include multimedia content to the file, however it'll ultimately add more size. However, you don't have to be concerned because Shrink PDF online makes it possible to reduce the size of your file. The formatting will not be altered and the content will remain unchanged. If you're planning to use the file for printing, but are searching for a method to upload the resized file to print option, then go for the software that can compress the size of the file.


If the PDF file you are using contains sensitive information, it is important to pay attention to this issue prior to sending your file to compression. If a document is secured by a passcode, it will more often have details that are confidential, and its owner is able to limit the modification of the file. It is encrypted, which allows you to secure the information in a way that no one is able to modify it the data unless they have the passcode. However hard you try, you will not have access to the information or data.