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Follow these instructions to convert your PDF files to Doc using our tool:

Step 1:

Download the conversion of PDFs to Docs from SoftSEOTools.

Step 2:

Download the PDF file or import it from Cloud storage (Google Drive & Dropbox).

Step 3:

Select on the "Convert into Word" button. The document will be swiftly converted, downloaded and saved it.

PDF To Word


If you want to convert PDF files to Word documents, you could choose to use an on-line PDF Word converter or complete the entire task by hand. The manual conversion will permit users to create the Doc document according to their needs. However, it is extremely slow, and If you don't have the proper tools, you could lose all formatting in your PDF. We can therefore conclude that using the PDF to Docs converter is more practical than manual conversion.

This PDF-to-DOC converter available through SoftSEOTools gives users 100% precise results. The document is converted in PDF form to Docx in no time. It is not necessary to worry about losing information or risking its quality. document because your data is converted with no changes with the online conversion.


Converting PDF files to Word is vital for a variety of reasons. The primary reasons to use the pdf to Word conversion online is:

Edit or Add Text

When you are preparing a document you might need to edit or add words to ensure that it is more unique. If you own an existing PDF file that is not editable, it can be quite difficult for you to accomplish this job, since you will not be able to do this without Pro Adobe software. So, the most convenient way to complete this task is by using the PDF to Doc converter. Once you convert your PDF file to an editable Word document, you are able to effortlessly make the changes you need without difficulty.

Quick & Hassle-free

There is no complexity when using the pdf to Doc conversion. It is not necessary to follow complicated procedures as with manual conversion. Additionally, this software can provide the results of conversion instantly. It isn't necessary to invest time formatting and converting your PDF file to Doc format.

Safe & Secure Conversion

When seeking assistance from someone to convert information from a PDF document to an Word document, the security of your data could be at risk. It is possible to avoid this scenario using an online PDF converter. Docx online converter as it offers users the security of a 100% secure conversion. The tool will remove the documents you have uploaded after the conversion process has been completed.

Maintain Content Formatting & Structure

You must rely on using the PDF-to-DOC conversion tool to avoid mistakes that could occur in manual conversion. If you convert manually, you'll have to invest a significant amount of time re-doing how you format your documents. However, the PDF-to Word converter will be sure that your document's structure is maintained and give you the same outcomes.

Multiple Pages at Once

Whatever number of Pages your document in PDF is made up of The document's PDF-to Doc tool can convert them to one Doc document in one step. There is no need to fret about converting your PDF document to Doc page-by-page, since this tool can convert several pages of a PDF document to Word format all at once.

Transfer Graphics & Images

When your PDF document is made up of multiple images or other kinds of graphics, there is no need to worry about their conversion to Doc format. A PDF Word converter can convert all the data into Doc as well as Docx format without having to perform manual tasks. Furthermore, you can utilize our no-cost PDF-to JPG conversion tool for converting PDF documents to images right away.


The top features of this no-cost PDF conversion tool to Word converter makes it stand out among other converters available on the internet. You can benefit from these features when using this conversion tool for PDFs to Docx.


You don't require a particular device to access and use this PDF convertor. Doc converter. This PDF converter Docx tool is compatible with any platform, since it's a web-based tool. No matter whether you're operating Android, iOS, Mac or Windows you can convert your documents to any type of device.

No Registration Required

It is possible to begin making the necessary conversions when you have access to this program. The online converter does not require users to undergo the registration procedure. It allows you to convert any number of PDF files into Word as you like without registering an account or logging in using your email as with the other websites that offer converters.

Free of Cost

Whatever number of files you'd like to convert using this converter to convert PDF files into Docx software, you will not be charged any money. The online converter is free of charge service to all users around the world.

Cloud Support

If the PDF documents you have are saved in Google Drive or Dropbox, it is not necessary to download them onto your device prior to changing them to Doc format using this software. This online tool can work with cloud storage and permits users to directly upload any PDF file to your Google Drive or Dropbox account.


All kinds of people from all walks of existence can reap benefits from this top-quality PDF to Document converter available online. Let's take a look at who can benefit from the converter online.


Students are required to submit their work in PDF format, since it's a common format for documents. If students have to alter the PDF document they have created It can be a hassle for them due to the absence of Pro Adobe PDF Editing software. This is why they can use this PDF converter to perform the needed modifications within a single the moment. Even after that, they can convert their Word file to PDF using our free Word convertor to PDF within minutes.


Teachers often have to highlight mistakes and make remarks on students' assignments. Comments and highlight options available on Word are easy to use, so you can utilize the converter below to transform documents from PDF format to Word format.

Business Professionals

If you are a professional in the business You will frequently be asked to make presentations or to add more information to PDF documents you already have. There is no need to think regarding how to edit PDF files due to this PDF-to- Word Doc free converter's availability. It will solve all concerns with just one click.


What number of files can I Convert using this PDF Doc Converter for free?

You can convert the PDF files as many times to Word as you want. It doesn't matter if you're trying to convert one PDF or do multiple conversions, you will not experience any problems.

Can I convert multiple PDF files in one Step?

No! It is not possible to transform multiple PDF documents at one go using this converter for PDF and Doc.

Which browser do I need to use This PDF-to Word file converter?

There is no need for a particular browser to use this converter. It is easy to gain accessibility to this online utility through your default browser of your device regardless of whether it's Opera, Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

How can I convert PDF into Word on Mac?

It is possible to convert PDF files into Word online using Mac just like the other devices. All you have to do is launch this application using the browser on the Mac device and then upload the PDF file required to start this process of conversion.

How to Convert PDF to Word on Mobile?

It is not necessary to download any software for changing PDF into Word on mobile devices. The tool is accessible via any browser on any mobile.

Does this Tool come with a free license to use?

Yes! There aren't any costs in the use of the PDF to Word conversion tool.

Do I have to get Registered with SoftSEOTools in order to use this Tool?

You don't have to register or sign in to access this converter via SoftSEOTools.

Does this Tool Can I save My Data?

No! The tool does not save the PDF files uploaded by users. The databases are created to ensure that PDF files uploaded are removed automatically after the conversion process is complete.

Can I Convert a PDF to Doc Offline?

No! This is only a tool only when your device is connected to the internet. convert pdf into word for free

Do I Need to Install Any Plugin for Converting PDF to Docx?

No! This PDF-to Word convertor is web-based program so you don't need to install any plugin or application to convert PDF into Docx.