Google Index Checker


Find out for the Google Index status of multiple websites simultaneously using this Google Index Checker

Many webmasters, website owners and SEO professionals are using tools such as the Google Index Checker created by Soft SEO Tools to quickly and easily check the status of the number of web webpages (URLs) which Google is able to crawl, or even index for the website.

The Google Index Checker tool provides useful information you can access in minutes; it allows you to examine for the Google Index status of up to five websites at once!


The Google Index Checker tool by Soft SEO Tools is extremely helpful for many website owners and webmasters as a simple indexing test will tell you how many of your pages are indexed by Google.

Simply type the URLs in bulk you wish to verify in the field provided and then click on the "Check" button and the program will take your request. The result will be generated in a matter of minutes that will determine if the URLs are being indexed by Google or not.


The Google indexed Pages Checker is a great tool if you wish to know the percentage of your website pages are index by Google. It is essential to run this vital indexing test since it will help you correct any problems with your site to ensure that Google will index them and increase organic traffic.


Google continually browses millions of websites and makes an index of every site that catches its attention. However, it might not be able to index every website it explores. If Google cannot find any names, keywords or other topics relevant the site, it is likely to not include it in its index.

This is one reason that many webmasters, website owners, SEO professionals worry about Google indexing their sites. Since no one can tell except Google what it does and the criteria it employs to index websites. What we do know is that the three elements that Google typically examines and considers when determining the indexing of a website include the relevance of the content as well as authority and traffic.

Additionally, there is no time frame for the exact time Google will be visiting a specific website or decide to index it. This is why it's essential for website owners to ensure that all issues that are present on your website pages are addressed and prepared for search engine optimization. To assist you in determining the web pages that aren't yet being indexable by Google and other search engines, this Google index checker tool can do its work for you.

If your website isn't yet listed, don't be concerned because Google continuously checks the websites and searching for indexes. It's possible that you should focus in improving your content you have on your site and increasing website's traffic since as it builds up, your site grows in importance and credibility, and will eventually cause Google recognize it and begin ranking it. Keep checking your Google Indexing status with the Google index checking tool, and then work on improving the performance from your site. It may take some time to increase the amount of organic traffic, particularly for new websites.

Enhancing your links can aid you, but you should make sure you only use authentic links. Don't use paid link farms since they may create damage more than good for your site. Once your site has been found to be indexed by Google and you have been indexed by Google, you must make sure you maintain it. This can be achieved by constantly updating your website to keep it new and fresh. You should be sure to keep its credibility and relevance to ensure that it is in an excellent position on the web page rankings.


If the analysis shows that there are a large amount of pages not found by Google the most effective solution to make sure that your website pages are index quickly by creating an index of your website. Sitemaps are XML files that could place on your server in order that it can be an inventory of all the pages that are on your site. To make it easier for you in generating your sitemap for your site, go to this link for our sitemap generator tool. After the sitemap is constructed and installed, you have to send your sitemap's information for Google Webmaster Tools to ensure it is indexable.

It is helpful it if you share content on your website across different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. It is also important to ensure that your content on the web is of high-quality.

If your site has just created, it can take a while to allow Google to crawl your site's content. However, in the event that Google is unable to index your website's pages, simply use the crawl as Google feature,' which you can locate it in Google Webmaster Tools.


Every webmaster and owner is keen to ensure that Google has indexed the website since it helps to increase organic traffic. By using this Google indexed pages test, you'll be able to get an indication of which of your pages aren't being indexed by Google.

Google as well as other search engines that are major take a close look at each website that is launched on the internet. It scrutinizes and inspects every website that is on the internet periodically.

Utilizing this comprehensive index checking tool, you can determine the extent to which Google have indexed every one of of your websites, particularly the pages you've recently added to your site. It does not matter the number of pages on your site What is important is the amount of pages Google has identified. There will be occasions when Google will choose to avoid large websites with a huge amount of pages. They will instead choose to index smaller websites that have smaller pages. This is due to the fact that Google examines the quality of text as well as the links on a website along with the volume of traffic. It will most likely index websites which have content attractive to a large number of people who visit the site and include links that draw more visitors.

Do not forget to index websites if you've made any modifications to the pages, ask google to index web pages again, and later verify whether all are indexable by Google.