Check GZIP compression


GZIP is among the most well-known methods of data compression which compresses a significant volume of data, and reduces it to a smaller size. You can also recover the original data by de-zipping an uncompressed file.


GZIP is a format for files and application that is used to compress HTTP content prior to it being sent to clients. It can be used to reduce the size of the information by up to 50 percent. The loading time of the page is improved, as well as the consumption of bandwidth will decrease because of this GZIP compression.

GZIP supports a variety of formats for files, such as:

  • .gz is the extension file of GZIP file extensions.
  • .taris a form that is that is used to store different archive files. It is not used in order to reduce data. GZIP can be employed to reduce the size of .tar files.
  • .tgz, .tar.gz, .gz file GZIP file is able to compress all of these file formats with ease.


In recent years, GZIP Compression has become the standard of choice for many websites that upload compress versions of their files on hosting servers for web sites. It was designed to make it easier for webmasters to speed up the process for them. In this respect browsers are working to handle the compressed files, and decompress them for display to users.

Today, websites are flooded with graphic, visual, audio textual and video content. It is difficult for users to load the information in only a couple of minutes if the content is not compressed. These files can handle huge portions of data and allow the server consume less bandwidth and storage. The result is less load on the server.

Make an online test of GZIP that looks at the compressed files that are on your website server. The tool for checking compression has been designed by the expert staff to address the demands of our customers. You may not have come across such a quick online compression checker tool.


Soft SEO Tools remain on top of the line to help users above their expectations. We are constantly striving to provide the highest quality SEO services and other web-related ones for our users. You'll be shocked to learn that the GZIP compression test tool can assist you identify the flaws on your server's side. It can help you determine the files that are compressed and not in your servers. This will let you modify those files in order to increase the speed of your website's loading more efficient.

Below, you'll find a few simple steps to test for the GZIP compression tool on the internet:

  • Visit our webpage:
  • Input your Domain URL into the field.
  • Press then the "Check Compression" button.
  • Voila! The online application will conduct an GZIP test and show information on compressed and uncompressed files as the event of.


GZIP compression refers to a method used to compress the data in order to move it to the internet. In today's world, where many people use the internet to doing their work, often, you will be faced with a slow internet connection. This is why it's important to make use of an GZIP compression tool that reduces the size of your data for easy transfer via the web.

You may have a notion of GZIP as the standard compression technique for compressing text on websites. It is crucial to be aware that GZIP is a lossless compression and allows for a great ability to adjust speeds and the compression rate.

It is believed that the GZIP compression is an internal part that comprise the DEFLATE algorithm which is a mix from LZ77 and Huffman code.

In general, when it comes to data compression different implementations are evaluated, including GNU, GZIP, 7-ZIP and zopfli, with a focus on how they perform better than other. According to research the majority of people opt for GZIP data compression because of its remarkable capacity to compress data in a lossless manner.


Through GZIP Compression, you can reduce the size of your website files (PHP, CSS, JS, HTML) up to 50% of the original size, which can help in getting it sent to the server faster and efficient. The file will then be compressed and resized to the original dimensions prior returning it to the browser of the user from the server. It is not necessary to upload large web data to the server because you can use GZIP Compression to squeeze the size of your data in the blink of an eye.

You can enable GZIP compression on your website server using mod-deflate or the mod-zip. If you're a professional programmer, you should know that deflate has many advantages over mod-zip because it compresses the output from your server prior to it's transmitted to the user's browser. Furthermore the method is thoroughly documented and can be configured it with no hassle. Mod-deflate is also extensively supported compared to mod-zip. However, if mod deflate doesn't work with your server, you can change to mod-zip with no problem.

It's also important to know that every hosting provider hasn't activated the mod-zip and mod-deflate modules in their server. That's why you might need ask your host to enable the supplied .htaccess scripts aren't working. Mod-zip can be downloaded along with mod-deflate and mod-deflate files through the given link.

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