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Page Authority Checker Page Authority Checker helps you to assess the score of a website's PA. This provides you with an insight into how the page's ranking is on Google.


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Are you wondering what exactly is an authority Checker? It's an application that calculates major ranking and ranking elements for a single page or only for a single URL for your website.


Page Authority (PA) is an assessment of the quality of a single page that determines how a particular page is ranked on a SERP. Page Authority is a concept which was coined by Moz. Page Authority score ranges from 1 to 100. PA score is a major importance to the majority of SEO experts, and they're correct regarding it. The most common SEO techniques including good writing and linking are designed to improving the authority of the website. However, this score by itself will not guarantee search engine visibility. relevance to the context is also important for the search query, but it's certainly an important indicator of the overall SEO's performance.


It is likely that you are thinking about it. Many webmasters have this issue to find the right number. There is no precise number to determine the page's authority. It is dependent on the market. In a particular niche market PA 30 might be sufficient to be ranked at the top of google , but in a competitive area, PA 50 score is more. However, there is a procedure that you can follow to determine the highest score for PA for any particular niche. Write down your competitors on the first page Check the authority of their pages for each of them then go through the results, and then determine the average score of all results.

The score will help you get an impression of how much your site stand out and what effort you should put into SEO. The higher the authority score, the greater the potential for a website to rank well in the results of search engines, specifically Google.


There are a variety of ways to demonstrate authority which are indirect and direct that were created by Moz. The two most prominent and most widely used can be described as PA as well as DA. If you're a webmaster, then you should be aware of the distinction of domain authority and page authority. While page authority offers an estimated ranking strength for just one webpage Domain authority on the other hand , is a measurement of the ranking and visibility of the entire site.

Are you looking for a way to increase the authority of your page?

Are you suffering from low page authority and searching for ways to increase your page's authority? You're in the right spot. Let's look at some ways you can increase the authority of your site:

  • The first step is to start by creating a webpage for a domain that is an authority of high.
  • Check that the content on a particular page is relevant, precise and free of plagiarism.
  • Check that your site is optimized for SEO and is functional.
  • Internal links between the pages must be provided.
  • Find as many high-quality backlinks as possible in terms of relevancy to your site and external authority (must link to your website).
  • Don't forget to delete any negative links that may be linking towards your website.

Don't forget to keep the routine of checking your score for PA by employing any of the page authority checking tools (why not make use of the PA Checker?) and also use a the domain authority checking to determine the your domain authority on any website.


There are a myriad of PA scoring tools on the internet , so why should you choose this page authority checking tool? The demands and ease of our clients have always been our main priority. Therefore, we're presenting to you another fast, error-free and reliable tool called "Page Authority Checker". It's not just fast and easy it is also free , making it even more useful. Additionally, this is far too useful. You can check the authority of your page and observe!


Of all the tools available we can guarantee we can assure you that the authority checker is the most efficient method. This helpful tool to verify the score with just one click. To determine the authority of a page, simply input the URL of the page you want to study. Our PA tester will provide you with the specific PA along with DA scores. It will also reveal the Linking Roots Domains, in along with the overall number of linked to the respective page. The simple Status section will inform you whether there is any issue in the results.

Didn't you know we told you that the page authority tool tool is just the most effective? It's time to try it to see if it works for you and try it out. Make sure you leave comments, as it is necessary to help us provide you with the most effective results.