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Do you need a constant stream of traffic to your site? Are you using social media to advertise your products and services? Are you able to reap the benefits using having an open graph?

Open Graph (OG) was created in the year 2010 by Facebook to enable integration between Facebook websites and the data from its users. Open graph allows users to add a boost to your site's visibility. The protocol consists of tags that allow webmasters to give specific information to Facebook, Twitter and other social networking sites (LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and Facebook). By providing this data, social networks are able to display links of social pages' users in a better manner. OG validation tools allow webmasters to transform the Facebook page into an object graph. This graph can be displayed in other sites. Information from Facebook pages could be transferred to a graph, for instance, as likes and shares. You can regulate the display of the information through using meta tags. A free Graph generator tool online could be a great way to create new tags.

Do you want to increase TRAFFIC? USE OPEN GRAPH!

Utilizing this software, you could benefit from a 250% boost in traffic. It is possible to wonder how this could affect traffic on your website. Remember that it lets you alter the appearance of your blog post. Posts that are enhanced by a description, an image and title can attract more visitors. With these components it is possible to enhance your post to make it more intriguing. The content alone can impact the rate of click-through. The OG tags can be helpful to improve the performance for Facebook pages.

These OG meta tags let you to share a preview of your hyperlinks (description images, descriptions, and videos) via Facebook. The graphs let you create a thrilling and more enjoyable experience for users to connect with you on Twitter as well as Facebook. It is possible to implement the open graph protocols on your website using meta tags in the head of the website. If you have tags already examine your content using an the open graph analyzer.


The effect that the OG tag on the search engine optimization process is minimal. It is compatible with social networks such as Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook. You cannot use it to search engines. Social networks are becoming crucial in the present era which is why the renowned search engines are unable to overlook the information from these meta tags when they develop their algorithmic processes. Major search engines scrutinize this meta tag. Google might favor certain pages in the Google and social networks. To ensure SEO webmasters, they should be aware of meta descriptions and title tags on their websites. They make the tags by using Meta tags Generator and then verify them using the meta tag analyzer. These days, OG protocol & tags are required for web pages that are shared on various social platforms. Here are some guidelines on how for placing the tags:

  • Add an namespace to HTML tag
  • Within head tags you need to include meta tags that contain properties and content attributes.
  • There are four tags to establish specifications: og.title images, og, og, URL, type, and og:title.
  • If your site contains a lot of video content, you could gain the benefit of other tags


Webmasters are able to transform their website pages into a single object graph. Meta tags allow you can share specific information , and also limit content to bring more visitors to other websites. Meta tags can help organize the data on your Facebook site. You can also present the information you want to share on websites that are not your own. Certain tags can help you with limiting certain information to reduce curiosity of the viewers. This way you encourage them to visit a different site to make purchases. It's easy to share various parts on Facebook pages, including images, videos, or text. You can adjust the size of the images. Make sure to pick an image that is square because experts in marketing prefer using these photos. After you've created your page, make use of the graph generator that is open source online tool. This tool can determine the tags that are that are used on the page.

In accordance with the particular applications available on a site You are able to control different actions through Facebook tags. It is possible to expand certain actions and a complete list isn't readily accessible. Furthermore, this kind of thing makes it simple to channel money to an area that is targeted to your audience. In addition to Facebook, Twitter is another option to receive traffic from by using the Twitter card maker.

Social media tags permit you to locate your biogeography according to specific interests and actions of the people you want to target. Some Facebook tags can be used to provide specific messages to certain places and groups. It's an easy way to provide relevant information to your followers.


We recognize that it may be difficult to grasp the function and application for OG tools. Do not worry, our free graph generator that is open source can assist you in translating your efforts into profits for your company.

The generator for tags is free to design tags. You can make your own tags by entering the necessary information into the provided boxes. The tool will help you create the tags. Here are a few easy instructions to follow:

Write the title of your site along with the name of your website. The tool will require an URL for your website as well as a description that is limited by 200 words. Make sure to include keywords in your description that will draw customers to your site. Make sure you write a concise description of the reason for your site and the type of information posted on it.

You need to choose"Type" of content "Type" of content and "Number of Images" on your website. Click on the arrow, and select the number of images and type of content using the drop-down menu.

Then, you can add the URLs of images in order to obtain special open graph tags to the images. Fill in the gaps carefully to ensure it is possible for the OG creator can create tags. After entering the necessary information you'll get the below results. You can save these results onto the clipboard according to your needs.

When you press "Copy to Clipboard," you will get an error message. This means that the data has been successfully copied onto the clipboard.

This creator of social media tags can help you save time by creating essential tags. To ensure the success of your company, you need to integrate OG meta tags as well as others SEO tools to your marketing strategy.