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Arrange your disorganized or minified PHP code using a code Formatter. Enter your code to beautify.


PHP is a short form for PHP Hypertext Preprocessor which is an open-source scripting language widely used which is executed by a server. A PHP file may comprise HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP codes. After being executed by a server it will return the results for the user in the format of simple HTML. The most common issue people encounter while working on PHP script is when the code gets unorganized, and the code starts producing problems for the programmers.

The PHP coders must apply formatting of the PHP code to enhance the code. However, this requires a lot of complexities and could render the code invalid because of some errors. It is possible to combat this issue by using an PHP formatter, which is an online tool that can beautify PHP code. This PHP formatter tool online asks users to input their PHP and will return the formatted version within a couple of minutes.


This PHP beauty tool online does not have rigid and unavoidable rules users must adhere to. It is a PHP code formatting tool is a tool that is easy to use since it comes with a user-friendly interface. If you'd like to modify PHP code online using our software, follow the steps below.

  1. When you open the tool, you'll see an area where you can input the PHP code you wish to format. It allows you to paste code, type in the code or load an URL or upload a PHP file directly from your device.
  2. The next step is to click the Format PHP button.
  3. The tool will process the entered code and display the results in a formatted manner.


This online PHP formatter from SoftSEOTools is built upon advanced algorithms that offer you an easy and concise representation of the PHP code without having to navigate through any difficulties. Our program is just a mouse click away from anyone all over the world who wants to use it to format PHP files. Users do not need to register through our website to access our web-based PHP format service. Furthermore it's a premium quality tool, and it doesn't require the premium version to use it. The PHP file formatter allows complete formatting of your uploaded file in a matter of minutes regardless of how long it may be.


A lot of people get confused and are left with a question about the differences between the PHP beautifier and a PHP formatter. It is important to understand that both perform the same function, i.e., organizing the messiness of PHP code. PHP is utilized to solve a variety of issues and there are many who could be working on the same document as part of a group. If you'd like to be able to comprehend what's being accomplished by you and your colleagues are working on, you can count on a program to enhance the format or beauty of PHP. It's the PHP beautifier, as well as PHP formatter are identical and do not offer any different functions.


This PHP code formatting tool isn't just an ordinary program with an unclear interface. It offers top-quality features to its users . It helps users to create and format PHP. You can take advantage of the following features using this program.


This application can be accessed via any device, whether it's an iPhone, a Mac or desktop computer or mobile. It can be run on any device that runs any operating system, which includes iOS, Android, Windows and Linux.


This PHP code beautifier can create as many files as you'd like without spending an amount. There aren't any costs associated using this tool, and it's not going to be converted into a premium version in the near future.

Quick results:

In just a few minutes in a matter of seconds, in a matter of seconds, the PHP beautifier will beautify your PHP code in a matter of seconds. It's no longer necessary to perform this task manually any longer, since you can find an organized PHP file in just a few seconds.


Consistent formatting:

The group project could result in an PHP file in a variety of formats created by various developers. This could be a problem for the entire group to understand the components of a file. This is where the PHP code formatter can assist to make the file appear in a one format without trouble.

Make the code legible:

Another benefit of this program is that it assists developers convert unclear or unclear codes into attractive and simple ones.

Simple to modify:

Sometimes, a developer needs to look through the file and alter the details. This is only feasible when you have a PHP file is attractive and simple for the developer to comprehend the information. It is the PHP code formatter provides the simplest method of beautifying the appearance of a PHP file and to make modifications to it.


The PHP codes submitted by the user to the PHP beautifier from SoftSEOTools is completely secure and safe. The security of the user's information is the top priority that we have in SoftSEOTools' PHP code beautifier tool online, as we're well aware of how much work required to finish an entire file. This is why we design the program in a manner that no one has access to the data entered by the users. There is no need to worry about the data being stored within the databases of the tool since they're created in a way that the entered PHP code disappears after the formatting process is completed.