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Monitor the inbound links (backlinks) on any website for your routine audits of links. Link Tracker allows you to monitor the stats of links, Using this tool, you can monitor the status of links in four categories that are Indexed, Page Authority and Domain Authority of links, whether or whether the link is live or not. To monitor links on any web page , simply enter the URL of the page in the text box, enter multiple URLs (one URL per line) which contain a link to your site.



Recognizing spammy websites is now easier thanks to better tool for tracking links. But for many webmasters, it's not well-implemented. To remove bad links, they must be filtered out of a more extensive link profile. This is a time-consuming process for many webmasters.

In that scenario, I'll go through, a straightforward method employing link trackers to collect link metrics for an initial link audit.


To determine if a hyperlink can be classified as "bad" and "authoritative" There are a variety of factors to consider, but webmasters need to evaluate the dangers of each link and the quality. To conduct a quick evaluation of a larger list of links SEOs are inclined to look at only three primary elements. Let me list these typical elements used by webmasters to assess the quality of the hyperlinks.

Link indexing

ndexing refers to search engines receiving the web's pages, and saving them to its database.

Domain Authority (DA):

Domain authority (DA) of a site is a number that explains the importance of a website for a particular industry or subject.

Page Authority (PA):

Page Authority (PA) is an index that predicts how high a website will rank in an internet search engine.

SEO, Webmasters were once convinced that, the higher number of links they could get to their sites more, the better the ranking of their website on search engines.

Then, following Google algorithm updates and Penguin ended everything. Websites with high-quality content were punished by Google for "spammy" links.

Many are simply returning to their tracks and trying to cleaning up making use of an online URL tracker program to evaluate the significance of each link.

The issue began when a few tried to buy spam links that were advertised for sale on the internet. Link farms were developed and sold by scammers and webmasters took advantage of these offers and purchased these links. Then the myth of having links no matter their origins to a website came to an end. Google which is a great search engine, decided to look at the links in question and when it discovered that the links were not legitimate websites, it blacklisted the website and threw it out of existence.

After having learned this experience, SEO began to be more cautious when choosing and placing links on their sites. The last thing a webmaster wants to do is find out that their website was blacklisted or taken off search results. Every Internet user utilizes the search engine to browse through the World Wide Web. When a browser can not discover the website it is the end of the site's existence.

Certain websites permit other websites to make hyperlinks. However, the webmasters of these websites should not grant permission to all websites online to make links to. What makes the site of a fashion magazine allow an animal training website to make a link for it?

If you allow other websites to make hyperlinks to your website You must be aware of the links that are being created to your website.


The process of keeping track of web pages' links is a time-consuming task, especially if you choose to examine every link on your website. If your website is awash with many backlinks, it is easy to forget of sitting down physically and keeping track of every link. This is the place where a tool for tracking links can be useful and accomplish the task that would take you a long time to complete.


All you have to do is open into your search engine and then go to and look for the icon "Link Tracker" and then click it. An easier way to get to this website will be to copy/paste in your search browser.

Fill in the necessary fields, then click Track Now. This program will show the URL as well as whether it's indexable by search engines, and the PR score. It will also verify whether the website is active online. By using this information, you will be able to determine if an external site that links to your site is legitimate or not.

You can copy and paste the URLs of backlinks you wish to verify from your site. If you've stored your links in a file that you copy and paste from, you can do so there. You can also make use of a tool to display all the backlinks that link to your website and copy the links from there.

It is recommended to record all hyperlinks to your website and, if you discover any suspicious links, you can use this program to investigate it. This will save you the time as well as effort. If search engines haven't identified suspicious websites and you want to remove them, you can do so. Also, you can stop links to your website from these websites.


There are two kinds of links that are associated with each website: Backlinks and Internal Links however the free tool assists in tracking backlinks.

Backlinks are links through that a person who visits your website clicks to be taken to another site. Backlinks are hyperlinks that connect to websites. If you go through an article on Wikipedia you are likely to find backlinks. Every article on this site contains links to different websites. Backlinks on websites can be underlined or in italics, or in a different hue. If you click on a backlink, it may open within the same tab or it could open in a new window or tab. It all depends on the way the backlink is configured on the website.

Backlinks are scanned by Google's robot to determine whether the link is valid. We've already talked about the ways in which Google will treat websites with spam links. It is therefore essential to ensure that you keep track of your links to your site.

It is possible to use click tracking tools or Google analytics to track clicks on external websites to track the clicks from external links on your website , and reverse. Learn ways to record clicks from the link within Google analytics.


Conducting a regular check of the links on your website can ensure that your site is protected from spammers and hackers. They always try to hack into websites, causing irreparable damage to the site. Thus, in addition to the other things you do on your site, make use of this helpful link tracker. The web hosting service you use has a firewall that will guard your site from viruses and malware. However, links aren't immune to suspicion and sneak into and destroy websites.

It is possible to add tracking directly to your site via adding HTML tracking codes to the header of your website. It will track links, however, you'll require the Link Tracker tool offered by to look over the links and check the authenticity of the links. It is completely free and you can use it at any time you like. It is a good idea to include it to the SEO toolbox and make use of often.

Link Building isn't enough. Make Valuable Links!

At one point, the most effective link building campaigns used identical anchor texts, and the quantity did not matter as much as the quality. However, then came Google algorithm changes and Penguin ended everything. Even sites with good content were punished because of "spammy" links.

A few of us were happy for a lifetime. But many of us are retracing our steps and cleaning up. Utilize this URL tracker to examine the significance of each link.