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Short URLs are treated in a different way and over fifty percent of the population are comfortable with them, while a long URLs that contain several unique characters is criticized due to its ugly design. In all likelihood, when people click the URL, users are redirecting to the long URL, but no one except to learn about the domain's name examines the entire URL in the bar. With our URL shortener tool, you can make that lengthy link on your site a shorter version that can be displayed anywhere online for advertising reasons.

Links break when you attempt to share them using an instant messaging since a lot of chat engines have a limit on characters and cannot send out suspicious messages due to the presence of the sheer number of characters that are in a terribly arranged sequence. Our customized URL shortener will allow you to give these long URLs a shorter form so that you can post them on various social media platforms to promote marketing for marketing purposes. The social networks typically use the original image of the website behind the URL, making it more trust-worthy and click-able.

Use our tiny URL convert tool in order to create as many links in a short format as you want. Advertise all your sites by using our tool without having to display the long URLs that aren't really a good idea. There aren't any restrictions or hidden fees and the best aspect is that it doesn't have you sign for an account. It is, however, your choice if you would like to receive notifications about the future updates on our website and blog.


The most commonly used method to promote the URL of a site (on which no one would want to click due to the presence of strange characters) is to use the assistance of an URL shortener program. It is able to generate a shorter URLs for the badly form link. For the majority of websites they are not given the same weight since a number of websites are using this technique to promote malicious content.

It's simpler for normal users of the internet to understand the URL that is behind the shorter structure. However, those who are new to the internet or solely use social networks are completely ignorant of the situation. People on these platforms are susceptible to being manipulative, and users on these platforms could be able to obtain their personal data easily.

There are two kinds of URLs that are short: one is for connecting to the web address permanently. While the other type is temporary and there are few websites using this permanent redirection. This is because their site is highly ranked and when a name brand uses a short URL on a social networks, users who are who are interested in the brand are likely to visit the URL with no suspicion. The newer websites can't be secured and will need to employ various methods to promote their business before they can use this platform. However, they are able to use the temporary version of URLs to share the URL with acquaintances.


An internet domain connected to the content of the site assists both users as well as search engines to understand the content on the page. If the name of the site does not match the information it provides the content, it could be confusing for search engines. Therefore, your website won't show up on the SERPS (search results page for engines). If you intend to improve it using organic SEO, then you'll have to add lots of different flavors to your fight because it's an unpaid process, and will take more time and effort. This strategy:

does not impact your current SEO efforts

The original version of your website remains exactly as it was as well as all your search engine optimization (SEO) terms. It's a straightforward redirection strategy that disguises your site and prevents users know about the real URL unless they visit it.

Does Not Give you a permanent URL

It's a better choice since permanent URLs end after specific time frame and their function is fulfilled when you share them. However permanent URLs are employed by trademarks that are famous and is not an alternative for sites that have just have entered the marketplace.

Transforms Your lengthy URL To A Smaller Readable Form

Modifies your URL's structure to make it more secure and readable. 50 percent of people online do not click on long URLs due to the fact that they look like unprofessional.

Can Be Used In Marketing Scheme

Make sure to share the shortened URL on various networks, and make it part of your strategy to market. Since, the majority of social networks today scan for malware before allowing you to publish the link, which increases the credibility of the link.

There's another reason for not using short URLs for permanent ones, in the event that the service that gave an permanent link shuts down for a period of time or is completely down, it will result in a negative effect on traffic to your site. The link could break and the effort that you put into sharing the URL online will vanish in a matter of minutes. This is why it is crucial to use our customized URL shortener tool to generate small-sized links for only a few minutes to share the URL.

It is possible to begin by adding your primary keyword into the domain name, in order to provide your SEO the foundation. The rest is dependent on the selection of your keywords since the more longtail keywords you select the more effective. However, don't include more than 2 to 3 percent of the keywords you use in the text of your webpage. This is the amount recommended by webmasters since many sites were penalized for over-stuffeding keywords into their text. It's a good way to get more traffic, but if Google is aware of the black-hat approach you employ it will be a resounding warning to the penalties that search engines impose on websites.


It's not that difficult to use this tool as this guide will guide you in creating a smaller URL. Our URL shortener for free will reduce your long URL, and provide it with an improved structure. Make a short URL by following the following steps:

1. On the home page of our most effective URL shortener, you'll discover a tiny address bar in the program which says " Enter URL," This is the area where you'll be pasting the URL of your site as illustrated in the image:

2. After copying or writing domain into the field, press"Check" or click the " Check" button, and the tool will create a tiny URLs for your site's address.