Add Watermark to PDF

Put a watermark in PDF by adding an image or a text online for no cost. Users can modify the watermark of PDF according to his requirements.



  1. To add a watermark to a PDF, you must upload the document using the application.
  2. Choose the type of watermark you want to use from two options such as image or text watermark.
  3. In-text watermark: write the text, then make it appear larger, use a the font and color. The text's length must not exceed 70 words.
  4. In-image watermark: upload the image and choose the position of the watermark.
  5. Hit on the "Apply Watermark" button and download your image.

Watermark PDF


A watermarking PDF can be a bit tricky as you may end up destroying the entire document. A few tips are recommended when adding watermarks to PDF as well as other copyright-related materials. The following tips are provided:

Choose Watermark Position Smartly

It is essential to put the watermark in a location which doesn't interrupt the content. It is possible to add a watermark to the PDF's right-bottom corner, or in any corner is an ideal idea.

Make Consistent Watermark

If you're using it in a set of pages or images, you should be cautious when selecting the best place to put the watermarks in PDF. Put the watermark at a single location throughout documents or pictures. It isn't necessary to change its position on every page since it could look messy.

Wisely Pick Colors

Select colors that are easily visible on different backgrounds. The watermark should be prominent but not overpowering. A watermark can be added to an image to demonstrate the ownership of the content however, it should not overpower the visual impact.


This online tool that adds a watermarks to PDF for free is provided by SoftSEOTools isn't just a standard service as it is packed with top-of-the-line capabilities. The tools include:

Add Image

The PDF watermark creator does not make it impossible for users to add watermarks on text. Users can create an image to use as watermark. The image can come in PNG as well as JPG format. Its size should not exceed 300kb.

Add & Edit Text Watermark

Our online PDF watermark creator allows you to create text watermarks that can be as long as 70 words. The text can be changed according to the requirements of the user. You can alter the font and font size as well as font color . you would like to add a watermarks to PDF without cost.

Choose Side

The side settings can't be set in this watermarking the PDF web-based tool because the users are provided with the freedom to choose the right side for their text. You can select from the left, center and right sides prior to creating a PDF with a watermark online.

Select Position of Watermark

If you'd like to have your watermark placed on the bottom, top or in the middle of your PDF you can choose the ideal position using this tool online.

No Installation Required

This is a Web-based service that doesn't require to have a software installed in your gadget in order to add a watermark to the PDF document. The tool is accessible through any browser with a reliable internet connection. It's also not a prerequisite to sign up on our site to use the watermarking tool.

Privacy Assurance

The privacy of your PDF is assured by our PDF watermark creator on the internet platform. This tool won't save the files that users upload in any way. Once your watermark is added completed, the file is removed off our server.

100% Free Watermark PDF Tool

There is no cost associated with using our online tool for watermarking PDF. It is not necessary to worry about spending a dime adding watermarks to PDF documents. This tool lets you add watermarks to PDF for without cost for as many documents as you'd like, without imposing any limitations.

Preserve Formatting

When adding watermarks on your PDF document This tool will make sure that the original formatting is maintained. Formatting can be a challenging job, particularly if you're working with a large PDF file. The formatting of your document is protected by this PDF watermark online tool, so that no element is lost or deleted.


Include images or text in PDF files that can be seen and prove that the document is owned by a particular individual or business. Everybody knows how important it is to add watermarks to PDF documents. among the most common reasons are as follows:

Safe from Theft

If you're an online user, you've probably observed more watermark-free images across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Linked In, Google+, and all over the internet on sites. The reason for this is straightforward; you have been informed or seen images that have been altered, misused, and distributed illegally on the internet. It is possible to add a secure watermark to a PDF document you wish to share. If you're looking to increase the protection for your PDF file There's a different great tool called to protect your PDF ensure your files are secure.

Claim Your Authority

The watermark of PDF protects the copyrights of any content uploaded to the internet. On the other hand Internet marketers and those working on social media place their own brand watermark on items that they promote. If users see the product with a watermark they are aware of who the proprietor of the item is. The use of watermarks can prevent rivals from using your photos or documents. Therefore, you should add watermarks to your PDF file and safeguard it from being duplicated.

Protection Against Tampering

A digital watermark can't be removed or erased in the event that you've employed a watermark tool that is branded. When you have added a watermark to a the PDF file, ensure that it can't be copied removed, altered, or played with. Hackers constantly try to get rid of legal watermarks. So, if you employ the best watermark maker available to add a watermark to PDF, nobody will be able to modify the watermark.