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Alexa Analytics is a free internet-based application that lets users to examine the current position of a website's position within the Alexa ranking system.

The tool is created by highly skilled web engineers who have a deep understanding of the details of web analytics, and it is therefore designed to be extremely reliable. It is a trusted websiterank checking tool to provide accurate and simple-to-understand results pulled from Alexa's website engines.

Alexa Rank Checker from Soft SEO Tools can show you the following information:

  • Global Rankis the ranking of the site which is being examined relative to the rest of the websites in the world.
  • The Reach of the Website: What number users visit the site (as calculated by Alexa using their number of Alexa Toolbar users they are in a position to monitor).
  • Country: The country that has the highest number of tourists.
  • Country Ranking: This is the ranking of the site in the country.
  • Change in the Ranking: How the position of the site has changed or improved.

HOW to use the ALEXA RANK Checker

You can check Alexa rank using a an intuitive user interface designed to be simple, Alexa Tool is extremely simple to utilize and is extremely easy to use. To make use of this tool you just need to follow these steps:

Step #1: Make sure you are on the Alexa website ranking page (, which is most likely where you are now.

Step 2: Type in the URLs you are looking to look up. You can enter up to five domain names which our software will scan the domains simultaneously for you in just a few minutes.

Step 3: Then click"Check" or "Check" option.

The tool will display you your Alexa rank results for the bulk domains immediately, showing all of the elements previously mentioned. That's it!


There are a number of tools to examine Alexa website rankings available. also allows you to look up rankings for websites directly on their site through a special page.

Then why then would you choose to use this particular Alexa website rank checking tool from Soft SEO Tools? Why is it that makes this tool unique and distinct from the others that are available?

The first thing to note off it is it's the truth that this software is designed with the most up-to-date advanced technology to deliver the most accurate results you can count on.

Furthermore, it is the easiest to utilize (we've looked at other tools, but none of them make it as simple).

However, it's not all that simple: you can examine the Alexa rating in the majority of sites (up to 5) at one time using our Alexa website ranking checker for absolutely no cost.

Most of the time, you don't get this in the majority of Alexa Rank analyzers available. Additionally, you do not get to look at different websites within the website.

Examining the Alexa Rank of multiple sites simultaneously allows you to examine and compare. This is similar to the benefits for marketing of checking the rank of websites.

Furthermore, we created this tool with a exclusive algorithm, which meticulously examines the Alexa website's ranking. Our team of developers has made sure that all information is verified and in order to provide you exact Alexa web rankings.


If you are looking to get some idea how the popularity of a website is one of the best and widely-known methods to find out the same is to determine the "Alexa rank" of the site.

As part of, Alexa is a web analytics firm that offers information on web traffic as well as other marketing metrics that are based on data it collects from the internet via various web browser and toolbar extensions.

However, Alexa is the director of a variety of services and has been involved in a few important projects previously (like offering a database that formed an inspiration for development of the Wayback Machine) However, the most well-known tool or service is "Alexa Rank."


As per to, "The traffic rank is built on three months of historical aggregated traffic data from millions Alexa Toolbar users and data taken from different, varied traffic data sources. It is a measurement that combines the number of page views in addition to the number of users (reach)."

It is to say this ranking is determined by using a proprietary method that incorporates a website's estimated average of daily unique visitors as well as the estimation of the number of pages viewed in the past three months. Alexa draws its information from millions of users across the internet who use a toolbar that is provided from the business.

It is the Alexa toolbar is accessible via browser extensions available on Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer, as well on Alexa's official website.

To enable Alexa to be in a position to get the statistics users need to set up the Alexa toolbar in their web browser.

Since it is not every Internet users (ever) who downloads and utilizes the toolbar, the majority of users tend to not take Alexa Rank significantly. Alexa owns up to the fact that "Alexa's rankings and estimates of traffic are determined by the online patterns of the people on our data panels across the globe, which is a sampling that includes all users on the internet."

But, the information Alexa offers can allow you generally to get a "general" notion of how the popularity of a website is and that's why it is still useful. However, why check for such information? What exactly do you require it to do? Let's discuss it next.


As Alexa says it, you get to be aware of "how how a website is performing in comparison to all other websites on the internet over the past three months." You can check Alexa Rank by using the free Web Analytics tool

Here are four items you can do with analytics data from Alexa Ranking:

  1. Self-Analysis: If you're a blogger or a webmaster, it is important to understand your website's Alexa Rank since it provides you a precise information about how your website is across the Internet. The data can be used to plan the best methods to increase the traffic to your website or to make the best strategic steps to surpass your competitors. Also, you can regularly check Alexa Web Ranking as a method to monitor your site's performance regardless of whether it's getting or losing attention. If you discover that it is declining in popularity, you can quickly get it fixed and get it back up and running.
  2. Competitive Analysis Alexa could be used as a competitor intelligence instrument. This means that using the data, you can perform a competitive analysis to determine the amount of traffic a competitor's website is attracted to. It is possible to examine and compare your site with the sites of your main competitors to determine how you compare against one another in terms of popularity on the internet. Our amazing software, Alexa Checker, is an absolute must-have for this purpose as it lets you to look up the Alexa website details of several websites simultaneously.
  3. Market Analysis For those who are advertisers, Alexa Rating gives you an understanding of how the popularity of a website is and helps you are aware of which sites to place your ads on the website and at what price. In reality, Alexa website ranking is an important factor that advertisers look at to evaluate the marketing potential of specific websites.
  4. "Who-is-Who" Analyzing: Alexa Rank categorizes websites according to "Global," "Country," and "Category." Based on"Category, "Country" or "Category" ratings, you can get to be aware of "who is who" in a specific country or industry according to the most popular websites within that industry or country. Additionally, you get to look at how your site compares to other websites rank in relation to each category and country.

Now you know you are aware of what to do with the information from Alexa Rank, let's discuss about checking your Alexa rank (with Alexa Analytics by Soft SEO Tools Of course).

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