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To make use of this Word Count Checker you must copy and paste your text to the below box then relax and relax as Word Count Checker conduct a real-time scanning.

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About Word Counter

Word Counter is a program we've created to assist you find and calculate the characters that make up your written material.

It's designed to provide precise results and determine the length or how the length of your article is.

This free text counter is more than an instrument to show you the characters and words in your text. It's a sophisticated textual analyzer as you'll discover in the "HOW TO COUNT THE WORDS using SoftSEOTools is different" area below.

You can count on our software to assist you with your content-related tasks, whether you're professional writer or an online entrepreneur, an educator, student or just a social media user.

Word Counter


Let's start with the basics. If you're wondering what the reason to use the internet-based Word Counter Tool, then consider calculating the characters of your content by hand. When you reach the seventh line, you'll discover that the task is not easy If not downright painful.

In addition, who wants to spend time calculating the pages of a long document when you could get assistance from a program like ours.

Get acquainted with our word finder and counter online tool to count the number of words using Word Counter. It's a sophisticated word count calculator that delivers results within a blink of an eye.


Our no-cost Word Checker tool has a easy and intuitive interface. While it's advanced enough to give impressive results, it's extremely simple to use.

In fact, all you have to do just click on this link https://www.softseotools.com/word-counter/ and paste your text in the text box provided and the tool will automatically run the scan and immediately show you the results.

HOW TO COUNT THE WORDS using SoftSEOTools is different

Of course , there are many text-checkers available however ours is different and better.

Alongside its easy-to-use interface and ease of use Text Checker from Soft SEO Tools is loaded with features that you will not find from other text counters online.

It's not only telling the amount of words used It also accomplishes these things:

  • It will show you "Basic count letter statistics" which includes the total number of words, the total number of characters that have space, and all characters that do not have space.
  • It will show you "Top Word Density" for 1, 2, and 3 words.
  • It displays "Extra Statistica for Count Letters" comprising the number of words with unique meanings and sentences, the number of sentences, the length of the word, average length of sentences, the overall number of paragraphs and so on.
  • It will show you "Length Statistics" including number of words that are long and short and sentences with the longest length, among others.
  • With all the capabilities, this software is much more than your typical word counter. it's a complete, sophisticated textual content analytics analyzer.
  • And, of course, you get everything for FREE.


It's normal for other online Letter Counter Tools to keep the content you upload on their servers when you use them, however we're not like them.

We don't store or access your content using our tool or any other of our SEO or content tools, in general.

We make sure that your data is safe and only accessible to you. Additionally, you can use our other free Tools such as Reverse Image Search or Keyword Position Checker.

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