Text To Speech Converter

Text to Speech is a free online tool that converts text input by the user into the voice. Simply type in your text or upload a file, choose the desired language, and then press the Play button.


There's no specific procedure users need to know or follow to use the converter for text to speech using SoftSEOTools. You can read text aloud by following the steps listed here to transform your texts into voice in the glance.

Step 1. When you access this first, the first thing you need to upload is the content that you would like to convert. You can type in the text into the space available or upload the file you have saved to your computer.

Step 2. After you've entered your text, you'll need to choose the language you would like to hear the text. Simply click on the drop-down and choose any language.

Step 3. You now have to select the speed variant for spoken words. You have the option of choosing among normal, speedy as well as slow speed.

Step 4. Step 4: to choose the type of voice for which you want to output. Our tool gives you two options: gender-neutral and feminine. Both of them sound natural and don't sound robotic.

Step 5. Then, finally you must click on the "Convert to Speech" button. Prior to hitting it you should hit"Play" to listen "Play" button to listen to the spoken.


The text reader that is available on our site is a professional software that converts text into speech. It's an automated program that just requires the uploading of a textual document from the user's side. The remainder of the process for the conversion of text to speech is handled by the sophisticated algorithms on the backend. The whole process may seem slow and lengthy however, users do not have to wait longer than a few minutes with this application for conversion from text to voice. It's an efficient tool that can convert any kind of text into spoken words with no effort. You can use our tool on the go Users aren't required to register for the service.


When you look for a text-to-speech converter on the internet there are a variety of platforms offering this service. However, the one that we offer on our site is the most effective you can discover due to a variety of reasons. It can convert a huge amount of text to speech into one file that can be downloaded as an mp3. Let's explore the benefits you will get from our text-to-speech service.

It's Free

There aren't any charges related to the use of our tool for text speech regardless of the number of textual files you can convert using it. It also permits users to download text files for free to audio files for as many times as you want.

Supports Multiple Languages

The text-to-audio converter isn't only restricted only to English language, as it can be used to convert other languages like Portuguese, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and many more. It's not necessary to look for a different software to convert text into audio in various languages.

No Signup Required

Some of the internet platforms require that users undergo a sign-up process in order to access the service for text to audio. However, our service does not make you trouble since you are able to begin making conversions as quickly after you have access to it.

Voice Speed Variation

This characteristic that our reader has allows it to distinct from other tools available on the internet. When converting text using our online tool, text that is spoken out loud can be modified to accommodate various speed variations, such as the slow, fast and normal.

Male & Female Voice Availability

It is possible to find text readers that perform the conversion with just a voice that is robotic however that's not the situation when using our tool. The online text-to-speech converter lets you choose between natural masculine and feminine voices based on your preferences.


The online text-to-speech converter can be utilized for many reasons and are able to be personal or commercial. Anyone who runs YouTube channels or podcasts frequently require voiceovers in the voice of another person. The technology of text to talk is a great option for these users as it saves their time and also money. There are many instances where you pay high prices for voice-overs however, there's no reason to spend money on voice overs anymore because you can access the online text reader for free.

Furthermore, this tool could also be used for learning purposes. It is often difficult to be able to comprehend the content, however, you must be prepared for the test or test. You can make use of this tool for listening to Ebooks or PDF.


It is possible to access the Text to Speech converter through SoftSEOTools from anywhere in the globe. There's no particular geographical or timeframe to utilize this tool for free. Because it's a web-based application that's why you don't have to have any specific device to convert text into sound. No matter if your device has Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, or Mac operating system, you are able to access this application via your web browser.

Our software for text to talk offers a variety of options for users who want to upload text. Apart from copy-paste, users can upload documents and PDF files that are stored on their devices when they click the button 'Upload File. The formats that are supported by our tool include .pdf, .txt, .doc as well as .ppt. Drag and drop files you want to convert into speech using our online conversion tool.