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Do you have any questions about why your site's competition is performing higher on search engine results pages? If so, Text/Page Comparison Tool can assist you in comparing websites. 

To use Text Compare, Paste Urls or texts in the input box given below and click on Compare Text Button.

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Page comparators have made life simpler for webmasters everywhere because it lets them compare two websites or websites side-by-side. If you think you'll need some technical know-how to use this tool, then you're wrong, since this tool won't make you go through any sort of trouble. To conduct a side-by- comparison of two pages using this program, you'll need to follow the simple instructions below:

  1. Firstly, you will have to access this webpage by pasting the following URL in the address bar of your browser: https://www.softseotools.com/text-compare/
  2. When this page opens it will show the URL box. There are two fields. In these areas you will need to type in URLs for the pages which you would like to compare.
  3. The final step is to press"Compare Content. "Compare content" button.
  4. In just a few seconds the tool will display the results of on-page similarity for the URLs you've typed into it.

Text Compare


The tool for comparing web pages analyzes on-page content of two URLs and then compares them side-by-side. SEO on the web is crucial for all websites since it plays a significant function in improving their position in search engine result pages. There are a variety of on-site factors on which this sophisticated and effective tool performs the comparison between two internet pages.

The tool for analyzing websites comparatively lets you examine and determine the similarity of the following elements on the page:

Meta Title Every webpage is given the same meta title. this element is used to define the title of the page. On the basis of this, search engines such as Google show a page's URL in their search results.

Meta Description Meta Description also is a crucial aspect for SEO on-page as it describes the complete summary of web page's content has. If the question of a user coincides some way with an meta description, the search engines will usually show those pages first.

Meta Keywords Meta keywords are essential in providing a clear outline of a website's contents for search engine.

Content This tool will show the content's similarity in terms of the percentages of the two URLs that you've entered. Content is of great importance to boost your ranking, however, it must be distinct and should not have similar information found on other sites.


Results of the page-comparison tool can show you the difference between various SEO elements on the page of your website while comparing them to other websites. The results of a comparison tool will inform you of how your competitors rank better on the search results of search engines. Let's examine how you can use the results of the tool for page comparison.

Content Comparison For those who are SEOs or webmaster you may already be aware that search engines tend to rank pages that contain original content. So, by making use with this software, you will be able to determine if there is a duplicate or similarity between the content of your competitors as well as your own website is present or not. The tool will show the percentage of similarity between content, and even if only 1 percent of the content is identical, you should work to make your website's content less similar to the other websites. The repetition of content could cause a number of negative effects on your website, as it could harm your rankings or cause the deindexing of your site from results on search engines.

Content Length The tool for comparing pages will also display the complete content of the two pages that you input to evaluate. This way you can quickly assess how short or extensive your content compares to your competitor's content. This information is essential to know and then make appropriate changes to your website to ensure an increase in its ranking in search engines.


Comparative website analysis has become easier thanks to the variety of platforms that offer this service online. But, you won't come across a better page comparator than that you can find on SoftSEOTools because of the many advantages it gives to its users. We'll look at a few of the benefits you'll enjoying using our page comparator.

A hassle-free side by side comparison It is possible to begin making comparisons between websites with this online tool the moment you have access to it. The tool for comparing pages on our website won't cause you to be in registration issues. Registering with the website isn't a requirement for this tool. You can find the information you need without having to deal with any issues.

Fast comparison This process for the comparison of websites is performed and the results displayed in a matter of seconds using this sophisticated tool for comparing pages. You won't get the same level of responsiveness from other online tool.

A precise comparative analysis This service on the web provides the users 100% exact results. There is no need be concerned about quality of your comparisons when you are comparing URLs using the tool for comparing web pages that is available through SoftSEOTools.

Service online: Page comparison software does not require you to install any program to your computer. It's a tool on the web accessible via any browser on the internet. If you own an Windows, Android, iOS or Mac device, this fantastic tool can offer you the same service, without any restrictions.

Free without cost: You will not need to shell out a dime to use this to compare tools. There isn't a premium or standard version for the tool since we offer it for free of charge tool. You are able to compare pages at any number of times you'd like without any limitations.