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To send you more traffic and drop your links on different sites use these different Google queries to find thousands of sites.


There are many ways to find information online on any topic you can think of. You should be able to understand what the term "Blog" means if you've ever heard it. A blog can be described as a personal journal that allows you to share thoughts and ideas. It is updated regularly.

The internet has made it possible for people to share their thoughts and adventures with the rest of the world. A blog is similar to writing a post and then uploading it to a website. Anyone can view it once it is uploaded. Some blog sites allow you to leave comments.

A blog finder is needed to locate blogs that are related to your topic. Internet allows thousands to create and manage their blogs. Bloggers can work alone or in small groups. Bloggers may create a blog on their favorite topic, and let others comment on it. Others bloggers might be interested in writing blogs on the same topic. If the blogger site owner grants permission, he or she can form a group.

Blogs can cover a wide range of topics. Just think about a topic and you will find blogs on it. It might be hard to find blogs about a specific topic. Blogs are different from the usual websites you find. Blogs can contain images or posts without images. Images with captions are also possible. Videos with commentary and subtitles can be added to blogs. Blogs have become rich sources of information over time. Sometimes blogs and social media beat news channels in reporting on breaking news incidents.

Some blogs offer high-quality content, while others don't make sense. Blogs are open-ended and there are no set rules. There is no guarantee that every blog will be in the top tier.


You might be wondering who the bloggers are. It will surprise you to learn that blogs are not restricted to a certain breed. They are people just like you, who want to share their opinions or talk about their personal lives.

They have the internet to help them do this, and they don’t need to be tech-savvy to create blogs.

Every human being has the right to speak up and wants to be heard. The Internet gives people a worldwide platform to make their voices heard.


There are many blog finding services on the internet. Some are focused on finding blogs that relate to your topic. There are many tools available to help you find the blogs that interest you, as there are millions upon millions of blogs.

These directories include:

  • Alltop - This blog directory is the oldest and most popular. It focuses on presenting the best blogs based on your topic.
  • Technorati This is a user-friendly blog directory that allows users to search for keywords.
  • Blog Catalog This site is visually appealing, but search capabilities are poor.
  • This site allows you create a dashboard with topics that interest you. The dashboard will be updated with the most recent blogs related to your topic.
  • This directory allows you see tweets on any topic. You can stop tweeting and just view the contents.
  • It's a web newspaper that presents blogs based upon your Twitter and Facebook groups shared links.
  • PostPost This aggregator is Facebook-specific and only displays posts you like or those of your friends.
  • Utopic This website offers a variety of content from Twitter and YouTube and focuses on the most viewed groups in your network.
  • The Best of the Web blog SearchThis site is straightforward and provides a variety of blogs on a broad range of subjects.
  • Google Blogs Search Google's blogs search site delivers new blog posts about any topic you find.

Blog readers who are interested in reading blogs may also be interested in how to locate a blog by its author or which blog to follow. You might also be interested in reading the best personal blogs of 2015, or humorous blogs.

You might find it interesting to leave comments on blogs. Or, you may be invited to join a group.

It doesn't take a lot of technical knowledge and skills to create a blog. There are many applications, such as WordPress, Blogger Wix, Weebly and Penzu. WordPress was originally created as a free tool to allow bloggers to create and manage blogs. It's now being used to create other websites.

All applications are available for free. Some also offer limited-time free hosting. You can pay for hosting services if your blog starts to receive a lot of traffic.

You might eventually start to get ads on your blog, which could make it a lucrative venture.


Many blog finder tools are available online. However, you should go over to and try the blog finder tool. This tool can be found in the "Free SEO Tools" section. Scroll down until you find the icon, then click on it.

It is based on Google queries. You will need to enter keywords and category. Once you have selected the category and footprint, enter search. It will display the Google platform results. The tool can be used frequently depending on the options you have to get the results that you desire.

It is a simple and useful tool that anyone who enjoys reading blogs or wants to contribute to them can use.