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We provide our on-line OCR (Optical Character Recognition) service that extracts text from images. Upload image to our image to convert it into text then click convert to receive your text file immediately.



Image to Text Converter as the name suggests, clues, is an online program or tool that makes use of an online OCR method, we allow you to extract text from photos.

Free web-based Optical Character Recognition program converts the images' characters into electronic characters. It can convert any kind of text in a photo, and you can make use of it as a photo online word converter to quickly extract text from any image directly from the photo instead of going through the hassle of typing.

This online image-to-text is a useful service that allows you to send any picture file to look at the text within it, before converting the printed, typed or handwritten text of the image to a text file is easy to transfer, download and edit using your PC.

Image to Text


OCR Online is a radical technology in the field of Image to Text converters that permit users to look at a photograph and read the text on the image that could be typed, written or printed. The text can then be translated and utilized in word processors or publishing software, as well as other applications that require text. OCR Online is a complex but most effective method of either mechanical or electronic transformation of an image into machine-coded text. Online OCR converters are typically used in documents that are scanned, particularly useful in situations where you have to copy text from an image but typing isn't the desired outcome.

A technology that is error-free optically recognize and translate every character in a photograph or scan of a document to an electronically assigned characters. The process of character recognition is an intricate one that requires an OCR software that matches an image with an electronic version which is corresponding to it. The program must identify the font employed in the image in reproducing the text.

Sometimes, the scans of documents can be blurred and have low-quality characters, particularly if the original paper copy is of poor quality. In these situations it can be quite challenging for free online OCR software to produce precise results, which could cause mistakes.

There is no doubt that OCR is an innovation in technology, but they haven't yet released an entirely error-free program. However, there are constant improvements making progress in this area. Today, there are numerous online jpg-to-word converter tools that allow you to effortlessly convert your scans or jpg images into words in a way that is surprising. For instance, there is the cost-free image-to-word converter from SoftSEOTools that comes with a sophisticated feature and offers its users an opportunity to rapidly convert or remove text images.


There are now plenty of gratis Optical Character Recognition applications or image-to-word converters on the internet. It is likely that you will locate one quickly. The group behind SoftSEOTools has developed an extremely efficient images to text converter available online. Its function is exactly identical to Google OCR or any other free software. Simply upload the image from which you would like to extract the text , and after that click on the "Submit" button. The results will be presented to you in just a couple of minutes. There are two methods to access a particular file:

  • Provide the path to the image using the URL of the image
  • Alternately, you can direct upload your image or download it via google drive or dropbox as well.

Our photo to text converter online instantly analyzes the words on the uploaded imageand transform it into editable text.


With the aid of a no-cost OCR converter on the internet Your company or on your own can convert static images into digital text and thus perform an electronic search , or any other task to find any information that is needed and with quick results.

Utilizing an image to word converter online to digitalize your images and other information will allow you to find and get the information you require.

Make use of a free online OCR converter today to simplify your life! Here are other tools that are free, such as Image Compressor and Reverse Image Search that could be beneficial to you.