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Redirect checker tool lets users to gain insight into URL redirect. Verify if the URL you are trying to access is being redirected, and then study the redirect path. Find out more about the complete chain of redirects, determine the URL if it has been frequently redirected.

What is a Redirect Chain? Make it right by using URL Redirect Checker.

A redirect chain happens when a URL is directed multiple times to different URLs. For example, the first page of your website is then redirected to a second page, which is then redirected to a the 3rd page of your website. Chain redirects make it difficult to Google to crawl websites with chains. Always be sure to verify your redirects. It is common that it occurs on your site and you don't know about the redirects. There are negative consequences of redirect chains on your site's SEO.

  • Chain can cause crawling issues for search engines
  • They'll also increase the loading speed, and also delay the load time of your page with each redirect.
  • You'll be losing Backlink juice

If you're experienced with SEO and SEO, then you be aware that the results of redirects are not always improvement. Certain types of redirects can be hazardous and may harm search engine optimization of your site. This is why it is important to understand the redirects on your site. Use our URL redirect tool!

Check Redirects You Before It's Too Late

To comprehend URL or web redirect is fairly easy. It's the function of a server to transfer users from one site to another. Redirects are used to serve a variety of reasons for websites because of the changing the address. One of the most important reason is to ensure that your website is synchronized with the most recent SEO techniques.

It is important to remember that 301 redirects have the biggest effect on SEO. It allows you to pass Link Equity to a brand new web page, and you should be aware of the relationship between 301 redirect and link equity.

Prior to 2016, 301 impacted the ranking of pages negatively, however the situation has been completely reversed in recent times. It was believed that a site could suffer around 15% decline in its ranking when it used redirects to 301. The former Google head of Webspam, Matt Cutts explained this process but didn't give the exact amount of loss which could occur in the ranking of a page because of redirects. But, it was made public in June 2016 that no site would suffer an erosion in its page rank because of redirections. However, it could boost the organic traffic to websites.

Use Link Redirect Checker By SoftSEOTools

After you've identified the fundamentals of redirection your next step is performing a redirect check using the use of a link redirect tester. While the extensions for redirect trace are readily available on the internet but why risk it in the event that you can access the simple tool to complete this purpose? First of all, you have to reach our URL redirect tool by entering in the address bar of any browser. Following steps:

  • Input the domain's URL in the specified URL field.
  • Select on the " Check Redirection" button.
  • The result will appear on the device's screen within a matter of seconds. It will display the kind of redirect you are receiving and the URL.

These simple steps of the redirect checker on your website will keep you informed about the redirects to your site's URLs. You can regularly check for redirects using our tool because it gives rapid results without any effort.

Redirect Test - Types Of Redirects

There are a variety of redirects you can put on your website or on its individual pages. Certain of them are directly linked to SEO, while some are connected indirectly to SEO. As we've mentioned numerous redirects are put in place on a site. Before we go any further let's look at the capabilities of various URL redirections.

300 Multiple Options:

This code shows that there are many of options that users can use to redirect their website. An example is to change between two languages that is referred to as localization.

301 Redirect:

This code can be used to transferring all clicks from the previous domain name to the brand new. It is employed by websites that alter their domain names as well as companies that have merged. It is easily identified using the tool to check 301 redirects.

302 Found Status:

As with 301, the 302 can also used to redirect clicks to a different URL, however, it's only for a certain period of time and is not a permanent option. The juice of the link is not transfered to the newly created URL, consequently the new URL won't be considered to be a top search engine in this instance. The updated version of the code is modified in the form of "found," which previously was "temporarily relocated."

307 Temporarily moved:

It is an HTTP status number is intended to allow for temporary transfer of clicks. 307 is recommended to be used during any maintenance on the server, or for any other reason when it is necessary to transfer materials to a new URL.

Meta Refresh

It is a method used by web sites to automatically refresh the page following a certain period of time. Meta Refresh redirection is applied on each page and not the entire site.

With many different redirects to choose from It is important to monitor redirects each once in a while.

Website Redirects Makes sure that Traffic Directions are followed

The use of Link Redirect Tracker can guarantee that your site are not affected by. If, for instance, you have a company that sells a single item on the internet, and you're offering a new product line. Yes, switching to a domain with a branded name will allow you to reach more people. However, old customers might not see your new website by entering the old URL.

Therefore, it is crucial to make use of the 301 redirect codes for protecting current traffic. If you choose to are doing this, the tool to check 301 redirects will aid you in ensuring that the new website is redirecting traffic of the previous. It's a reliable method to redirect traffic without harming SEO.

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