URL Rewriting Tool

Do you want to change a lengthy dynamic URL into a static one? Make use of our URL Rewriter! Simply type in your URL in the URL field below, and then click "Rewrite URL".

Eg. http://www.example.com/test.php?firstid=1&secondid=10


Change your lengthy web-based URLs with the URL Rewriting Tool from Soft SEO Tools

This tool for URL Rewriting will assist you in converting your lengthy dynamic URL into an easier and static URL. This technique is widely used by webmasters, owners of websites, and SEO experts as static URLs are more popular than dynamic ones due to the fact that they are more recognizable for users and are easy to bookmark when required. In addition, static URLs aid in optimizing your site for search engine optimization purposes.

The process of creating a website and making it SEO takes lots in time and energy. Even the smallest things like the form of URLs is crucial to the website as it will be a major influence on the traffic to your site and page ranking.

If you're still using dynamic and long URLs that aren't web user-friendly and SEO-friendly, then now is the right time to enhance your URLs by changing them into static URLs with the aid of this URL software for rewriting URLs.

Why Should You Use our URL REWRITING TOOL?

This online URL Rewriting Tool from Soft SEO Tools is a extremely efficient tool that generates static URLs in one click. Copy the URL, paste it into the box, then submit. Our tool for URL rewriting will generate the results instantly and will provide you with an easier and more static URL.

We've developed this URL Rewriting tool that you can review and modify websites' URLs. Remember that a static URLs are always more effective than dynamic URLs since static URLs be more prominent in search engines such as Google. However, dynamic links are indexed at a lower pace by engines than static URLs.

This URL tool for rewriting is user-friendly and will give you immediate results. There is no requirement to install the program for your computer since this software is online can be used at any time that you wish; this way you will reduce memory usage. You don't even have to spend any money to access this URL generator for rewriting because the tool is free.

There are three main reasons to change URLs. The first is that it aids in SEO, as the search engines prefer URLs that do not contain lengthy query strings. Additionally, if you've got user-friendly static URLs, there is a greater chance that your site will get greater rankings on search engines. This will draw more attention to your site since they appear more friendly to large numbers of internet users. Thirdly, it helps your pages load quicker when compared to dynamic URLs. This means it provides an easier-to-use interface.

What is the reason you should to rewrite URLs?

  • Static URLs are easier to remember and more user-friendly.
  • Static URLs are more convenient to index or bookmark when contrasted with dynamic URLs.
  • Static URLs can help in getting a good page ranking in different search engines

To do this, you'll be required to create an file known as ".htaccess" and then insert the generated code into it. Once you've made your .htacess file, add it to the directory of your website. This kind of URL rewriting can only be used when you're hosted on an Apache Server.

If you've got a simple and clean URL (static URLs) Major search engines can recognize folder names and be able to create hyperlinks to specific keywords. Since you are still using query string restrictions this can hinder the search engine's efforts to index your websites. The majority of SEO experts believe that dynamic URLs aren't attractive to spiders of search engines however static URLs are more appealing to crawlers, which can help in getting an excellent page rank.

HOW CAN YOU Utilize Our URL Rewriting Tool?

To convert your dynamic URL into a shorter version using the URL Rewriting program, the only thing you need to do is type in your URL in the box that is provided, and then click"Check. "Check" option. Our system will take your request and produce the shorter, static URL.

For many site owners and webmasters, the use of SEO tools like the URL Rewriting program is essential because it will aid in marketing the website and helping reach out to larger audience across the globe. This URL Rewriting tool will make your website more ready for better online visibility, to ensure that the people you want to reach around the world will be able to visit and view your site.

If you're an e-commerce webmaster, it'll likely that more customers can find your website's pages through search engines, which can bring in more visitors and possibly conversions.

The tool for rewriting is built by using Apache's mod rewrite module, which converts an active URL into search engine-friendly and user-friendly static URLs. Simply copy and paste your dynamic URL into the box and our tool will transform it to a static URL within a matter of minutes.


There are sites that have no content on the web. A website that provides information with no signals, most likely, it's to be a static site. They are common among small companies and firms; they are simply trying to demonstrate their presence on the web. The company doesn't wish anyone to steal their company name and don't conduct any online business.

static websites are generally more affordable to host and to build. However, you'll need someone who has HTML expertise to maintain it.


  • Not expensive to develop
  • Simple and quick to design
  • Cost-effective hosting


  • It is only able to provide basic information.
  • Web content can trigger
  • Web-based expertise is required to update or modify


  • Dynamic website is more functional
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • It allows web users to be able to interact with each other without any issues.
  • It allows exchange of data between the owner of the website and the users


  • Hosts are expensive
  • Expensive to develop