Mobile Friendly Test




The Mobile Friendly Test is a tool that lets you easily perform a mobile website test to determine a website's score on responsiveness on mobiles. Similar to Google tests for mobile-friendly websites, the test can be used to calculate the score as Google calculates.

In the past few months, Google has put a penalization on several websites that provide poor experiences to mobile users. Then it was discovered that the Google mobile friendly tests are an element of the general ranking test. Because the number of people visiting websites via mobile phones is growing exponentially and it is vital to ensure that the website is responsive and gives a good user experience for mobile users.

For testing a mobile website There are numerous tools accessible on the internet. You can utilize any of the mobile website test tools to conduct tests on mobile devices for your website. The test results will help you get an idea of whether your website provides a great service for users on smartphones or.

If you're a webmaster, your first step is to make assurance that your website is in the category of mobile-friendly and is able to pass the test of mobile responsiveness. Today, Google gives much importance to websites that take a minimal amount of than a minute to load. They also appear great on any devices, including tablets, desktops and mobile. If you make your website mobile-friendly it will not only be able to satisfy your customers and visitors, but also notice a significant increase in the search engine rankings.

Make use of the Google the mobile-friendly test in order to test your website's mobile-friendly score . You can determine where your site stands. If the results don't look particularly encouraging, do not be discouraged since it's never too late to begin fixing the issue.

Mobile Friendly Test


Today increasing numbers of people utilize smartphones to browse and access internet websites. This means it is crucial for webmasters to offer all of the functionality of their site regardless of screen size or the device they use. It's clear this is the case. Google is aware of the significance which is why it has introduced the Google mobile friendly tests. Through the mobile friendly test it is easy to assess the responsiveness and ease of use of your website is , as well as whether visitors can access it quickly or not.

Happily, Google has offered webmasters an opportunity to fix the issue and avoid being punished by the search engine. The first step is to solve the issue, you need to begin a first mobile test of your site. This will provide you with an understanding of the overall performance of your site on mobile devices. Through an adaptive test for mobile devices or a tests that are mobile friendly, visitors will have a clear understanding of what needs to be changed or updated to ensure that you continue to get the best performance and traffic.


Here are some suggestions that can assist you in making your site mobile-friendly:

  • The most crucial things you can create is an app for mobile users of your desktop site. If you have the expertise then you can create the task yourself or get someone else to do it for your needs and then take an Google mobile-friendly test.
  • If you're using a CMS such as Wordpress is what you're currently using, then you begin thinking about a variety of plugins that will offer a pleasant experience to users on mobile devices. Although there are many free software for Wordpress however, many experts recommend that you use WPtouch, which is a premium but effective plugin that lets you build stunning mobile-friendly versions of your site in just a couple of clicks.
  • It is recommended that you make use of a responsive design. The latest themes are mobile-friendly and flexible, but should you have a site that is running an old or outdated theme, it's the perfect moment to upgrade to a most recent theme.


Here at SoftSEOTools We provide you with an extremely useful mobile site test, also known as a mobile responsive test which allows you to assess the responsiveness or user-friendliness on your device. Making use of the Google testing tool for your mobile device is easy. All you have to do is input the URL of your site and hit the submit button. In just a couple of minutes, you will receive the exact results.

If you've run an online test on mobile devices it will be clear what your website's performance well on mobile devices. This will help you make any necessary changes. It is also possible to use the mobile test on your website to test the responsiveness on mobile devices of your competitors' websites to keep just one step in front of the competition.