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A Ping test is utilized to verify that the computer is linked to a internet network. It's typically employed to determine whether a system is in connection to an internet. It also determines if that computer you are looking at is in connection to the internet and determines the time between the two computer. Ping tests is executed to a web server to determine the amount of time between the computer performing the ping tests and the host.

People who are knowledgeable about computers are aware of how to perform a testing ping without a software or utility to execute it. They can connect to the command prompt on their computer , type in the ping command. They will also type in the name of the website that is listed in it. The results will display how long it requires to send a data packet to the site. The result will show four outcomes.

Certain speed tests on the internet also reveal the results of ping when establishing a link to a server. A quality test of internet speed will attempt to establish connections to up to four or three servers. The server with the fastest connection speed is utilized to test the internet speed test.


A ping test is utilized to verify whether a host computer you try to connect to is functioning. It is employed to troubleshoot issues and to test the speed at which the computer responds.

Microsoft Windows has a ping test command to perform ping. Simply choose the host you wish to connect to using the IP address of that host or its domain. You can go to your command prompt and type the command"ping" or type in the command ping Both commands work. You can use a Windows Command to connect to my website.


For Microsoft Windows four messages will be sent out: confirmation as well as the size in bytes and time, and timing to live (TTL). Its time to live (or TTL is a number that will range between one to 128. If the result is 128 it signifies that both computers are connected to the exact same network. TTL refers to that the amount of hops created to connect to the server.

If the ping shows a "request timed out,"' it means that a connection was not made with another computer. Another error that could be experienced is "cannot resolve" unknown host. This indicates that the hostname is incorrectly spelled or does not exist on the internet.

IT managers overseeing the IT infrastructure of a large company and a huge call center will be looking to find is what time the the ping result. An average of time of 200 to 400 ms duration is thought to constitute an average speed. Any time over 400ms is considered to be a poor time , and a time of less than 200ms is classified as an above average or a good time.

The ping test and time has gained prominence in the IT community due to the introduction the cloud computing. Many large companies use cloud computing, they do not want delays in the ping time. They want their connection to be seamless and instant just like it used to be when they didn't use cloud computing.

In the present day internet world, the need for testing ping has increased. Website managers are looking to conduct a Ping test to search servers within their specific business. For instance, a blog site will be looking to test how quick the blog connects to blogs service servers. Many web servers offer services to various types of web servers hosting websites belonging to the respective categories. We are aware that the internet has grown exponentially in the past decade, and will continue to grow exponentially with no sign of slowing up in the near future. So, to be able to manage a global network, it is necessary to have effective networks to divide the burden.

For managing the web, we have a lot of servers on the internet that manage databases with a variety of website name and IP address. A single or a few servers can't handle the continuous online traffic. When a user visits a website, they want to go to. The search engine forwards an inquiry to the closest web server (nearest this is the server that has the fastest ping time, and not its physical address) which maintains a database that contains the IP address and domain. The server, in turn calls an IP server, and from it, returns the data up to the next step in the chain to the user.


If you manage a web-based site, you are likely to send a ping to the search engines to verify if your site is connected to all search engines. In addition, you might need to massively do pings to backlinks to verify that they are functioning and connected.

Your website needs to remain visible on the internet. To do this, you need a ping website tool. You can't ping every server that is providing your specific web pages and see whether your website is accessible to them. In order to be able to ping search engines as well as web servers you require a tool and is a great and trusted tool to you to utilize as well as it's free!

To access it you need to visit to via your search engine and locate the ping tool on the website. Or copy/paste in the address bar of your search browser. After the display is open, enter the address for your site. The next box is the box for 'categories and its default is set to "others.' Click the downward button to open the box and a category list will appear. Select the category for your website. When you are all set to begin pinging, just click the "Ping Now" button.

Wait and watch as the utility begin to ping all web servers and search engines that are associated with your website's specific category. Because there are thousands of web servers scattered across the globe, the program will take a few minutes to finish. It is sending a ping to your site via various servers and should your ping is successfully completed, it will display a message "Thanks for the ping and the result box.

When you look at the results of this test you are aware that your site is accessible and able to be connected on the internet.