XML Formatter

Format your XML code/file with a specific indentation level. To format just copy and paste your XML code.


XML (Extensible Markup Language) is a well-known format for sending information over the internet. Its simple structure and straightforward logic make XML an extremely popular methods of transferring data between the server and the device. What exactly do you know about XML format? The long length of XML is what makes it difficult for an individual to comprehend the code written by a developer. However, using an online XML formatter will help in overcoming this challenge. You can make it easier to write your XML code with just a couple of clicks.

The application accessible on this site allows you to convert your XML without spending cash on an expensive tool as well as installing any desktop software to your gadget. There is no need to put in any efforts or waste time attempting to understand the code to improve it by yourself. The program gives you the chance to enhance your XML in just a few minutes, without even having to type even a single word.


The procedure of using the XML Formatter online tool is straightforward and easy. The easy instructions will help you simplify your XML quickly.

  1. When you access this page, you'll find a box in which you will need to upload your XML simply by copying or pasting it. Additionally, you can upload your XML file directly from your device by pressing"Upload" or the "Upload" button.
  2. After you're done When you are done, click"Format" or "Format XML" button to begin the process.
  3. That's all! You'll receive the you want XML formatting results in only a few seconds.



The well-structured layout as well as simple instructions make this tool easy to use. It is not necessary to have any special knowledge to create your XML in this online tool.

Format XML File Quickly:

There is no need to spend hours formatting your XML any longer. Some online tools also require a considerable amount of time to give you precise results. This tool, however, gives you the ability to streamline your XML in just minutes. To speedily improve the look of your XML code, you can use an an online XML beautifier which will help you enhance your minimal XML code.

Support all Operating Systems:

The XML Formatter provided by SoftSEOTtools is equally effective across all devices. No matter if you're using smartphones, Mac, or desktop it is easy to use this online service.

No registrationrequired

The majority of free software online usually impose restrictions on users who sign up for accounts on the sites to access free services. However using the internet-based XML Formatter offered by this website doesn't come with any limitation. It is possible to use this online service without having to go through the tedious and arduous process of signing up.

No cost:

It is not necessary to pay a dime to anyone or purchase a premium membership to access this no-cost XML formatter, like you would have to when using different online applications. This online tool is free, and allows you to create any number of XML formats as you want without limitation.


To alter XML file format. Our online XML tool will assist you in changing the indentation levels of your XML in no time. You can carry out the following actions on your XML using this online tool.

Remove White Spaces:

It is able to find all white spaces within your XML instantly, and then eliminate it with no assistance from an expert

Eliminate empty elements:

Another advantage to making use of this online service is that you can eliminate all of the unnecessary components that make your code complicated with just only a couple of clicks on your device.

Format attributes on a single line or several lines:

It is an XML code formatter allows it to change the format of the elements within your XML code according to your needs quickly. It is possible to format it into multiple lines or single lines using this free tool.

Convert long lines into short lines:

There is a possibility that XML code can be made up of lengthy lines that are hard to read and comprehend. You can now transform these lengthy coding lines into a smaller and more comprehendable lengths with our XML Formatter, a free tool.


One of the main issues that all users face when uploading sensitive data on the internet is Security. Many people believe that online services are not secure to use and that the information they upload could be stolen quickly. You don't have to worry about the security of your private XML code when you use our online tool. Nobody else will have access to the information you upload using our online tool, in any circumstance. The code you upload to our XML tool will be deleted from our servers when the process is completed. This means that you can use this feature without worry and create any number of XML file as you want.