Wordpress Theme Detector

Did you like a theme found that you found on the internet? Find out if it's part of any of the sections of WordPress by copying an URL for the site before hitting the "Detect Theme" key. The tool will inform you of all about the theme if it is in the WordPress bracket.




WordPress is among the most popular websites as well as blog-building software that is that is currently being used. There are 60 million sites that use WordPress including more than 10 million most popular websites. WordPress is among the top Content Management System (CMS) that is currently being used.

The main reasons behind WordPress popularity are as follows:

  • Simple installation and usage.
  • Offers a variety of themes and plugins.
  • Mobile applications.
  • Other Features.

In simple terms, if are looking to create a web site or blog site quick, all you'll need is register an address for your domain and an Internet hosting provider, or web server with WordPress running on it. WordPress can assist you in creating your blog or website in the shortest amount of time without requiring assistance from a programmer for your website.

Another reason behind WordPress being the most popular web-building tool is the fact that it offers both free and paid themes available for users to build their websites. The range of themes available is truly amazing. The themes are available on any subject or category.

What happens if you stumble across the web site or blog that you like, and want to utilize the same theme on your website. The first step is to must determine whether the site was created using WordPress. If it is, you'll be able to proceed ahead to determine the theme that it is using.

Let's begin with the initial step. There are many methods to determine whether the site you're interested in researching was built using WordPress. One way is to examine the source code of the website:

Right-click the website and choose 'view source to open a new tab where the source code will be displayed. In the first 10 to 15 words of code you'll see a similar line being displayed. You can now be certain that the website was developed using WordPress.


A simpler method to check whether the website is constructed using WordPress is by installing Google Sniffer with Google Chrome. It will show up in the browser's bar and as you browse various sites it will alter to display the application that is being used. If your site is on WordPress it will show WordPress will be displayed. WordPress symbol will appear.

Once you've gotten to the site and discovered that it's actually created within WordPress You can then proceed to find the theme it's running.


After you've determined that the website was created using WordPress We'll look at the most efficient method of finding the theme that it is using. One option is to go through the themes on WordPress.org and then browse through the various themes available.

In this class it could take you long hours searching for the theme you're looking for. SoftSEOTools offers a simple-to make tool that can quickly identify the theme that is being employed on the WordPress created website. Let's take a look at how to utilize to use the WordPress Theme Detector tool in the SER.


It is a WordPress theme detector provides you with all the information you need about the WordPress website. The tool will assist you in determining if the plugins have been installed correctly on your site or not. It is possible to run this tool on a competitor's website and in just a few seconds, your WordPress plugin detection tool will give you the plugins and themes used on the site.

Keep in mind that if a site has created an original WordPress theme by itself, you may not be able get the same theme for your site.

The WordPress Plugin Detector detects the following elements on the WordPress website:

  1. A version of WordPress.
  2. Title of the theme.
  3. Homepage of the theme.
  4. Screenshot of the theme.
  5. Author.
  6. Author homepage.
  7. Description.


Our technical and development team have designed this tool to create WordPress theme detection an easy task for you. It doesn't require any processes that require the skills or knowledge of any person. It isn't necessary to be nervous about signing up or paying an amount to access this tool on our website. Additionally, the user-friendly design of the theme detector on this site allows you to use the tool on any device. To use this WordPress theme finder, you'll have to follow the steps below.

  • Enter the URL of the WordPress theme checker into the address bar. https://www.softseotools.com/wordpress-theme-detector
  • When you access this website You'll need to type in your website's URL into the field that is provided.
  • Then, hit "Detect Theme" and then click on the "Detect Theme" button.
  • Within a couple of seconds, all information about your WordPress website will appear under the button to detect. After that, you will be able to look up the themes or plugins, and then install the plugins or themes on your WordPress website.